What I Wore: Denim Jumpsuit

I had a fabulous day on Saturday in London with Disney and MAC which I will talk more about in another blog post, however I’ve had so many compliments and questions about the outfit that I wore that I thought I would put together a quick ‘shop the look’ post.

Plus Size Blogger Plus Size Blogger Everything I am wearing was bought quite some time ago, so none of the actual items (apart from the trainers which can be found here if you would like the exact ones) can be bought anymore so I’ve managed to find some pieces that would work just as well to recreate the outfit.

Plus Size Blogger

The jumpsuit I am wearing in pic is pretty much the exact same one as one I have linked to below (the dark denim one) I am just wearing it a bit differently to how it has been styled on the website if you were wondering. I have just tied the belt around the back of the jumpsuit which has created a different silhouette to how it looks on the website and also, mine is meant to be a cropped/three quarter length also but as I am only ‘5ft,4’ it looks full length on me!

So, if you were looking to try this look yourself, here are some pieces that may help you make it work!

I think I will be posting outfit posts in a quick run down like this more often rather than there being a big write up with every post, it’ll help me actually want to blog. So I hope you like them coming to you in this way! Lemme know in the comments.


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