Confidence Is A Journey: Manon Baptiste

Evenin’  All!

I’ve been swanning off around the South West in the sunshine over the bank holiday weekend (well apart from Sunday as it was absolutely throwing it down), but on Saturday the sun had put its hat on and made an appearance just long enough for me to don a proper summer dress and my sunnies!

If you follow me a on social media, twitter especially, you’ll see that I’ve been whinging a lot that I’ve been finding it really hard to dress in anything other than jeans, a tee and trainers. Whilst I know this outfit still entails one of those offenders, it’s nice to be wearing a cute dress again  as it feels like such a long time since I’ve had the confidence to do so. Maybe it’s not even a confidence thing? Maybe it’s just a lazyitis thing or a ‘I just want to be comfortable’ thing, but whatever it is, I’m really trying to break out of it and find my style comfort zone again.

I think this whole blip has been one of the reasons why I’m not blogging so much at the moment too. I’ve forgotten how to dress myself! But if I didn’t tell you all these things then I wouldn’t be the blogger I’ve always wanted to be, the one that shares with you my ups and my downs.

Dress* | Adidas Trainers | Belt (old) | Sunglasses (similar)

See, even us bloggers have these wibbles, we’re only human, but luckily on Saturday I pushed through my style rut, even for a few hours and wore something that made me feel great!

This Manon Baptiste dress is such a beautiful classic cut that it can be worn so many ways and I was surprised (and relieved) that the style of the dress lent itself so well to crisp white, casual trainers and my  very old, faithful New Look Curves denim shirt (it’s been in my wardrobe so, so long).

I’m wearing the dress in a UK size 26 and the sizing is perfect. Plenty of room for my boobies without any gaping buttons and usually I struggle with shirt dresses fitting my bust and my belly as I’m so much bigger around my bottom half, but this wasn’t a problem at all! When shopping at Navabi I find their individual size charts so useful when ordering!

So next time you maybe look at me, or another blogger and think ‘I wish I had their confidence’ believe me, we don’t wake up full of confidence bubbles and innovative style ideas every day. It’s tough and social media can be very deceptive. You see the snippets of your favourite influencers through a lens and once that camera is off, we’re all the same, going through our ruts and our highs just like everyone else. I promise you, you’re not alone!

Whilst I may be going through a little style/confidence rut at the moment I’m working on it. Being confident in your skin and your style is a never ending journey but keep on at it, you’ll get there, as will I!

Tell me about your confidence blips and what you’ve done to work through them! I’d love to know!

*denotes gifted item, however all words and opinions are my own


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      I find it a good fit for me, all I would say is check your measurements against the individual size chart on the item on the website. That is always really accurate on Navabi!

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