Three Ways To Work Your Wardrobe

I said not too long ago (I can’t remember if it was on my Instagram or somewhere else) that I was sick of having so much ‘stuff’ and wanted to make a more conscious effort to better utilise my wardrobe and whilst I can’t hold my hands up and say that I haven’t bought anything new at all, I can absolutely say that I now definitely buy a lot less and my spending habits when it comes to clothes have changed a lot.

Plus Size

I would always be that person who would have to have a brand new dress or outfit for a night out as I would hate being photographed in an outfit twice (I blame social media a lot for that) and I would quite happily spend my weekends shopping and dropping £££’s, thoughtlessly on new pretty clothes.

Over the last few months my attitude has changed and I’m very keen these days to make sure I have items that will work for me for a variety of occasions, items I can wear during the day and straight through to the night that I can dress up in a variety of ways and feel good whether I’m popping out to the shop or I’m heading out for a cocktail. So I thought I would share my three tips on how I make my wardrobe work for me!

Plus SizE

How Will I Wear It?

We’ve all been there, spending our lunch breaks scrolling through ASOS’s ‘New In‘ section or lusting after the latest plus size clothing collection to drop. You spy a banging dress and think to yourself ‘oh my god,  I need that’. Your thumb sweats a bit as it hovers over the ‘checkout’ button and before you know it you can hear the tiny sigh of your credit card as it trys to deal with what you’ve just done to it again!

But, that tea dress? And that pair of leggings? And those new embellished jeans? How you gonna wear them? Are you going to wear them more than once? These days if there’s something I spot and get that lust at first sight, before I make that pulse raising purchase I try and think of at least three ways I will wear it. If I can’t then honey, I’m emptying that bag and going back to looking at fluffy puppies on Youtube and saving those dollars!

Plus SizE

Invest In Accessories!

It’s easy to get bored of items. Fast fashion now means that shops and online stores are churning out new items and new trends quicker than you can blink an eye and it’s easy to become complacent with a wardrobe full of items that you once lusted after, I get it, I feel ya! But giving items a new lease of life or changing up how you wear something is a real boost to not only your closet but your confidence!

A new lipstick in a daring shade with an old but very loved black dress? Pin badges or iron on patches to refresh that denim jacket that’s in desperate need of resuscitation? Some oh so fancy earrings to rock with a seasoned shirt? The possibilities are endless and they don’t have to break the bank! And if you’re just lacking inspiration the internet is awash with sites where you can search for ways to add some life to your garms.

Feel Good to Look Good!

Now, if you are insisting on buying something new, this tip is more of an order than a tip, stick with me…

How many of you have bought something either online or out and about thinking ‘wahoooooo I’ve found something and I’m gonna love it and wear it and work it and…’ you get it out the bag, pull it on and IT.LOOKS.SHIT? So shit that it goes back in the bag and thrown to the back of the wardrobe never to see the light of day ever again. Put your hands up who’s done it? *holds up hand*. I’ve been there and I end up with money wasted on a pile of clothes that sit there for months on end with the tags left on, too old to return but too unworn to take to the charity shop.

So, I swear these days by only trying on new clothes when I’m feeling good and/or done up. Why? Because when you’ve just got out the shower or sweating like a bitch after battling the high street on a Saturday afternoon, looking like a boiled potato, red faced and hair scraped back, wound up, hot and bothered, you’re never going to feel good and no matter how amazing the dress is you’ll end up convincing yourself otherwise. Do you’re makeup, do your hair, put on some heels, put on your best underwear and a smile and try your purchases on then! Clothes can really make or break our confidence and if you look good, you feel good and it works completely vice versa!

In an effort to practice what I preach I’ve snapped not one but TWO outfits in which I worked all three of the above rules! *GO ME*

Plus Size

Shirt Dress | Tee | Trousers | Trainers (similar)

I had this lovely shirt dress from Live Unlimited (you already know how much I love the brand) and I also had some bits sent to me from the new plus size range over at Quiz Clothing.

Plus Size

Jacket | Choker | Shoes

Their plus size range is a small start so far but it reflects the budget fast fashion ethos that they have going on in their main range. There’s a lot of offerings that we’ve had floating around in plus size fashion for a while, scuba skater dresses and cold shoulder tops, however you can still bag some really nice items, embroidered shirts, choker dresses and some really sassy body cons for really reasonable prices. I’ve worn this waterfall jacket loads already as it’s so versatile and  is a bargain at just £29.99.

Plus Size

Do you have any tips for making your wardrobe work? What do you do to make your clothes go further? Last longer? And keep you feeling good season after season? Let me know in the comments!

Oh and ‘ere are some cute accessory ideas for gee’ing up your wardrobe:

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