Exploring Food In London: Fat Boy’s Diner & The Rum Kitchen

A couple of weekends ago myself and Mr Naomi were in London for the night to see the man himself, Drizzy Drake at the O2. It felt like so long ago that I booked the tickets but the night finally came around.

We’re a pair of dickheads, me and him and we both  have a huge love of good music, great drinks and fabulous flavoursome food and that’s exactly what our weekend was filled with.

Enjoying the tube

On the Saturday afternoon we checked in to the good old Travelodge London Docklands near the O2 (if you’re going to the O2 arena for a gig I recommend staying here if you’re not fussy! Perfect location for a budget London stay). I’ve never really stayed around that area of London before so it was all a bit new to me and I wasn’t too sure of my surroundings, but after swiftly checking in and dropping off our bags we needed to go off in search of food before the night ahead of us.

If I’m in a new area, I’m a HUGE fan of the ‘Explore Around Me’ feature on the Google Maps app. From London to New York that feature has helped me find some real gems of places! Obviously it’s always good to do your research of an area before you go, but honestly, if you’re ever stuck for ideas, or caught last minute somewhere and at a loose end fire up the app and just tap to literally explore around you! After a little investigation I managed to find Fat Boy’s Diner, a little American themed burger place over at Trinity Buoy Wharf which turned out to be perfect to grab some grub quickly. If you like the idea of a greasy American style diner that won’t break the bank (especially in London) then it’s worth checking out!

Food In London

Food In London

Bursting to the brim Burgers, hot dogs, super tasty chicken wings, chicken wraps filled with spicy sauce and perfect cheesy fries are all on their small but sound menu. My only warning? The seating is really limited (well you know, it is meant to be an authentic style diner!) You can either grab a booth or you can perch on a stool at the counter, proper old skool diner style.


On the Sunday, we were feeling a little bit rough around the edges and still on a bit of a buzz from the night before but we hopped on the DLR into Central London in search of some munchies before boarding our train bound back to Devon. We weren’t really sure where to go, so again, after a bit of consulting Google Explore Around Me we ended up in a cool little area, Kingly Court, tucked away just off Carnaby Street. I had never been here before but now I’ve discovered it I can assure you that I will be back! There were so many little indie restaurants and cocktail places that I wanted to try but sadly, due to time being short, we settled on one, a Carribbean food restaurant called The Rum Kitchen, and what a choice that was!

Food In London

Food In London

Myself and Fatty (my nickname for him) are huge fans of rum so this place was a no brainer just from the name. As we entered the restaurant we were greeted with the warmest of Caribbean welcomes and even on a very cold, drab Sunday afternoon it was like stepping into a beachside bar, filled with reggae anthems, a relaxed beachy vibe and the smell of amazing food. I LOVE THIS PLACE!

Food In London

Food In London

Food In London

Both the cocktails and the food were just fabulous, the flavours of the food (especially the jerk gravy) were like little explosions in my mouth, so much so you know that really sad feeling you get when a meal is just so good, you don’t want it to end? Or Is that just me? Anyway, that! Being from a Carribbean family myself and having eaten Carribbean food my whole life, this place was the closest ‘high street’ restaurant to do Carribbean food well (don’t mention Turtle Bay, it’s just not even close!).

My only criticism? I think the price points were a bit high for the portion sizes, however this is central London so it’s to be expected I suppose.

Even if you don’t have time to eat, go for the cocktails! I highly recommend!

Food In London

We had a great weekend, eating, drinking and dancing and whenever I’m in London I remember why I love it so much. So vibrant and lively! Where are your favourite LDN Town spots? Lemme know! I love hearing any recommendations!

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    Thanks for the tips I’m going to London for the first time soon and I’ve been looking for yummy places to eat and these both look yummy, I really enjoy your blog 🙂

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