Warm December Days: Manon Baptiste

It’s been unusually warm here over the past week, considering it’s now December and we’re just under two weeks away from Christmas day!

It’s kind of frustrating as I only bought a new, snuggly coat a few weeks ago to get me through a really, bad cold snap which I believed would stick around for the foreseeable; however, all of a sudden it’s now bright, sunny, and, well, rather mild.

I swear, British weather is THE WORST!

However, I suppose it’s not all bad as it’s meant that I’ve managed do more showing off of some beautiful plus size knitwear I have hanging in my wardrobe at the moment, courtesy of the fabulous boys and girls over at navabi.

I’m a sucker for animal print, as you are all well aware and Manon Baptiste is fulfilling all of my leopardy, cheetah-ry, zebra-ry, printy knitwear dreams right now. This cardigan is just so god damn good, so fluffy and just so ME!

Plus Size Blogger

Loads of you have also been asking about the boots that I’m wearing in this picture. Honestly, I’ve had them for quite some time now and originally featured them in THIS post last year.

Plus Size Blogger

They were from Simply Be’s ‘Sole Diva‘ range in 2015, however I’ve managed to track a couple of pairs down that were lurking in the depths of the internet, so if you want ’em, click on the links below to grab yours ASAP (I think you can currently grab the chocolate brown ones for £27 if you’re quick!).

However if you’re not quick enough to grab the these exact ones, or they aren’t in your size in the links below, I’ve also included a link below to a similar pair which I believe are from this seasons Sole Diva range, the only difference being is that they have fringing down the sides.



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