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Having an Afro Caribbean hair type has made navigating my way around hair treatments and salons over the years a huge chore. In my lifetime I’ve been to salon after salon who would book me in to be seen and then as soon as they found out that I had Afro Caribbean hair they would look at me like I had leprosy or something.

‘Oh no, we can’t do Afro hair, we’re not trained’ would be the words I would hear so often over the years that I just became so fed up with it all that it pretty much put me off booking salon appointments full stop. For the last few years after giving up on finding somewhere that would treat my tresses I had resigned myself to either treating my hair with home relaxer kits or box dyes or tracked people down from word of mouth to weave in hair extensions for me and kind of left it at that, until recently.

Hair Salon Wolverhampton

I was contacted by Francesco Group asking if I would be interested in going to see them in their Wolverhampton Hair salon for an appointment. I read the email with excitement but then I thought to myself ‘they don’t know I’ve got Afro hair so as soon as I tell them they’re going to change their mind.’

I was wrong!

Within a few days I was booked in for a consultation with the marvelous Mark who explained to me that everyone in the salon was trained and competent in dealing with Afro Caribbean hair and then proceeded to chat with me about what I would like done to my hair.

What a breath of fresh air that was! It was the first time ever that I had felt completely welcomed into a regular hair salon, no barriers, no issues made out of my hair type, nothing but an honest, friendly chat about what I wanted from my appointment. My consultation also consisted of a strand test to check the condition of my hair before any colours or treatments were agreed and the outcome of this would be discussed with me on my next appointment. I left feeling uplifted and excited!

Hair Salon Wolverhampton

When I arrived back at the salon about a week later for my hair appointment I was introduced to my colour specialist, Alex, who showed me my strand test. This was really interesting as I was shocked at how much they could tell about my hair from this. They knew that I had used a permanent box colour a couple of years before and that I had been using semi-permanent colours since. My strand test had shown that my hair wasn’t ready to have permanent bleach or colour on it so it was agreed that my treatment that day would consist of my roots being topped up to my current semi-permanent colouring and they would also use a blue toner to give my hair some depth of colour also.

Hair Salon Wolverhampton

Before it all began

I really appreciated this approach to showing me what damage is done to hair through long term home treatments with box colours etc and it was a real relief to know that these guys won’t just put anything on your hair if it’s not the right thing to do for it.

My colour was put on and I was left to chill out with magazines, cups of tea and lovely chatter until I was ready for it to be washed off, then, over to the shampoo stations. During shampoo and conditioning I had a beautiful head massage and deep treatment put on my hair along with my blue toner afterwards. I really felt like a princess for the afternoon!

Once my colour, shampoo and condition had been completed I was back in the hot seat with Mark, for a fantastic blow dry and a talk through the best products to use on my hair. Mark also asked me what I wanted from my locks and I explained that my biggest issue with my hair is volume. Even though I have Afro hair that can be very frizzy it really lacks volume at times and I needed a cut that was going to allow me to quickly and easily create some texture and oomph to my hair. Mark completely understood this and worked his magic.

Hair Salon Wolverhampton Hair Salon WolverhamptonMy transformation isn’t drastic which is perfect for me as my hair has been in weaved extensions for so long that I just needed to to get a little bit of TLC and Francesco’s definitely delivered that.

The Francesco  Group team at Wolverhampton were friendly, professional helpful and extremely informative. They recommended products and services to me that would be really beneficial for my hair but without being pushy or making me feel obliged to purchase. Nothing makes me want to avoid a place more than when they try and get all salesman on you but I didn’t feel that at all from this place which was lovely. In fact, I had such a lovely chat with my colour specialist, Alex about a Texture Release treatment that they do, I am booked in to have it done in a few weeks and I can’t wait (Afro haired girls I urge you to look into this, I will report back once it’s done).

Hair Salon Wolverhampton

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