My Time Is Valuable : The Naomi Collection!

Finally, it’s out!

This has been work in progress for a few months now but I’m so pleased I can finally share it with you all, my very own t-shirt!!!

I was a bit shocked when I was approached by XL.Promodoro earlier this year asking me if I would be interested in collaborating with them on a design for a t-shirt but I couldn’t wait to get involved in such an exciting project.

As you have all probably noticed my style has definitely evolved over the last year or so and although I’m still a girly girl I’m a lot less likely to be found in a dress and a lot more likely to be found in my jeans, trainers and now my own tee, so this collaboration was right up my street…

I’m a huge fan of sassy, slogan t-shirts and I really wanted whatever I created to work within that theme, I wanted something with a dollop of sass with a hint of girly girl which was bespoke to me and I feel like I’ve managed to get it just right (with the help of a great team over at X.L Promodoro and some awesome friends who helped get the creative juices flowing and discussed ideas with me, thanks you guys!).

Plus Size Tshirt

‘My Time Is Valuable’ was literally sitting under my nose the whole time I was thinking about what I’d like to represent me in the tee. It’s such a fitting slogan that actually came from a Christmas gift that was given to me by Khila! The more I thought about it the more it fitted me and my life in so many ways and I knew it was perfect!

What does ‘My Time Is Valuable’ mean to me?

Plus Size TshirtWell, on the surface I know it seems to state the obvious ‘My Time Is Valuable’ – I’m always busy, as are we all. Working, playing and just trying to live life as best as we can, however it actually means something a whole lot deeper to me…

My Time Is Valuable, for me, means life, it means going out there and enjoying every valuable moment life gives you without worry and without fear. It means wearing a swim suit on a beach and not missing that opportunity because you’re worried about what someone may say, or what someone may think.
My Time Is Valuable means wearing what you want, when you want, it means being who you want to be, in whatever skin you have! My life and the moments within it are far too valuable to miss out on and so are yours and I hope this tee helps you to feel as empowered as it does me…
 Plus Size Tshirt

The tee can be bought HERE and is available in UK sizes 16, 18, 20, 22/24 and 26/28 (I’m wearing a 22-24 in these pics and it’s roomy!).

Plus Size TShirt
The size you order will only be viewable WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER as after that I have asked for no sizing to be included in the labeling of the tee when you receive it. Why? Well simply because it doesn’t matter after that! I’m not particularly shy about my size, however I completely understand that some people may be so the label will have no reference to the size on it.
  Plus Size Tshirt

I will hopefully be adding a feature to my blog where you will be able to buy the tee directly through my website but for now hop on over to the following link (BUY MY TEE HERE) and your order will be processed!

I really hope you lot love this and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE any feedback you’ve got, also if you do purchase the tee send me your pictures! I will be using the hashtag #MTIVNaomi on social media! So get hashtagging!

Also, so you know, the sleeves don’t come rolled back I actually did that myself as I usually do with all my tee’s, roll the sleeves back as and when I want!

Please note that I will not be directly handling or responsible for any payments, shipping or any goods purchased. All payments, shipping and handling will be processed via XL.Promodoro. and Any issues, concerns or queries will need to be taken up directly with the merchant.


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