Three Superb Strapless Looks With A Luxe! Curvy Kate

So it’s summertime, you want to wear beautiful strapless dresses, halter neck tops, spaghetti strapped cami’s, but there’s a problem. You’ve got a massive rack and you need the babylons supported.

I feel the pain ladies, seriously I do. With my 38J boobies finding a strapless bra that could lift and support the lady lumps has been nigh on impossible, well, until very recently…

What if I told you, my fellow large breasted beauties, that there is indeed a strapless bra that will do EXACTLY what you want it to? Would you believe me? Well you’d better! Those geniuses over at Curvy Kate have only gone and done it!

38J Strapless BraJust over a month ago, after hearing on the grapevine (well in an email from Chantelle) that the Luxe’s size range was being extended, I finally received my very own, in a 38J to test run. Myself and some other babely voluptuous beauties put it to the test and what can I say? Summer is back on B*TCHES!!!!

So, just to prove just how good it is to you, here are three babely, strapless looks created with a 38J Luxe. Straps are so out right now and shoulders are, well, also out…

Strapless Bra

Want to rock that sexy bardot dress? Well DO IT! Kathryn is giving us that totally exposed neckline in a bangin’ dress with her Luxe underneath!

Strapless Bra

Halterneck jumpsuit? Absolutely NO PROBLEM! Read Sarah’s review of the Luxe here! I adore this black and gold look she is rockin’!

38J Strapless Bra

Straps off, shoulders out, I’ve been lovin’ sunshiny days with my shoulders out and feeling totally supported.

38J Strapless Bra

This top by Studio from Navabi is now my favourite in my wardrobe now I’m finally able to go strapless!

Strapless Bra

Shop the look (and the Luxe!)


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    I’ve heard so many good things about this bra, but it’s a shame they don’t so band sizes for women who are a 40+, so I’ll never be able to wear it, but it looks so good on you guys!

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      I believe Hollie of Pretty Big Butterflies wears this with an extender. Also, are you really a 40 back? I was repeatedly told I was a 46G and turns out I’m nowhere near that size and wear a 38J perfectly as fitted by Curvy Kate, changed my bra buying life! Maybe see if there’s a sister size or a Curvy Kate size that fits you better in a smaller back? Maybe? Worth a try though! I always thought I was sized out but turns out I’m not at all, I’d have happily have worn an extender with one too!

  2. 4

    The trouble with a wide back and a large cup size is that you can’t accommodate both in a great bra. I agree with Stephanie concerning larger band sizes. I may be able to wear one band size smaller but the measuring tape doesn’t lie. I will continue to appeal to these bramakers to remember us wider band size ladies.

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