A Little Bit Of Luxury: Navabi Collection

Hello my loves!

I’ve been quiet for a few weeks busying myself with all sorts of stuff. Work, adventures, more work, binging on Snapchat (my username is ‘naomi0300′ if you want to follow me’ and well yeah just being generally quite busy getting on with life, so apologies for the little silence.

I went away over the weekend and spent some time in one of my favourite places in the world, Cornwall. I was only away for a few nights but I managed to do so much and I had an absolutely fabulous time but right now I’m still catching up on sleep, washing, emails, you know, all that malarkey!

Anyway whilst I was away I went along to an awesome new little bar in Watergate Bay called ‘WAX‘ to see a bit of live music. I wanted to dress casually with a touch of sparkle as I was going out to a few bars and maybe a club afterwards so I paired my BEAUTIFUL Navabi Premium Collection embellished jacket with a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a simple pair of black court shoes.

Plus Size Designer I have to admit, before I left I felt a little bit uncomfortable as I’ve had a bit of a confidence wibble just lately (god knows why) so at first I was really self critical about how I looked (I’m only human after all, we all go through it), but after I uploaded an outfit snap to my Instagram you lot really helped me stop being so silly. I received so many lovely compliments about the look from you all and loads of questions about where the whole outfit is from, so I thought I’d post it for you!

Plus Size Designer

Embellished Jacket | T-Shirt (similar) | Jeans | Court Shoes | Clutch (old)

I bought the Navabi jacket a few months ago as real luxury bitch treat to myself, a total splurge but I REGRET NOTHING as it’s awesome, so beautiful and completely satisfies the magpie in me.

Also a massive shout out for these Sole Diva court shoes from Simply Be. I have these heels in a variety of colours now because they are the most comfortable courts I’ve ever had. I personally think the comfort is due to the block heel which gives loads of support but whatever it is, if you’re after them they’re currently on sale for a bargain £12! Whilst writing this I’ve just popped the leopard print ones in my basket too!

I will share more of my Cornwall adventures with you over the next few weeks but for now my loves I need to wash my hair and pass out.

Thanks again for all the lovely comments and compliments you give me on here and on my other social media channels! I love you all. Don’t forget to follow my Instagram (@naomi_g), my Twitter (@naomi_griffiths) and my Snapchat (naomi0300) for random chatter, playing with filters and general nonsense.


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