My Nude Summer: Navabi & Carmakoma

Got your attention didn’t I? Great!

So, I’m not actually nude, don’t you all worry but I am breaking out my nearly nude Carmakoma dress.

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Does anyone else remember that episode of Sex & The City where Carrie wears the ‘Naked Dress’? (Points if you comment with which series and episode that was, double points if you can tell me what occasion she was wearing it for). Well, along with the other bajillion outfits Carrie donned, I loved that one as it was all just about ‘THE DRESS’. It didn’t need anything else as ‘THE DRESS’ spoke for itself. Simple yet show stopping.

When I saw this nude number over at Navabi it conjoured images of pulling a ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ (but with a little more cloth as I don’t think I could get away with her version just hanging around in Wolverhampton).

Carmakoma Dress Plus Size Blogger Plus Size Blogger

Dress* | Heels (similar) | Earrings (similar) | Clutch (old Dorothy Perkins

This dress is so, so, sooooo light and floaty it really is perfect for keeping yourself cool on hot summer evenings, however the lightness of the material means you NEED to make sure you have the right underwear! There’s no doubt that a good set of nude undies will be your Saviour with this number (unless you want to bare your big black Bridget knickers to the whole world).

Underneath mine I’m wearing the Curvy Kate Daily Dream, a pair of nude Primark knickers (they are really, really stretchy, hence me being able to wear them) and Miss Mary of Sweden shapewear to help prevent chub rub and because I personally like that stream lined silhouette look.

Also on a final note, becareful when laundering this dress! I have sadly ruined mine by burning a hole in it with the iron, so I’m not able to wear it again but nevermind, hopefully my bad experience may prevent one of you from doing the same stupid thing. I’m not able to wear mine anymore and I’m heartbroken, don’t make the same mistake!


*Denotes Gifted Item – All words and opinions my own


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      Hi Lindsay!

      I’m wearing the dress in a UK size 22/24 which I believe is a size ‘L’ in Carmakoma sizing.

      It is a very light, flows dress and it comes up really generously. I probably could’ve sized down but with the tie back on the dress you can adjust the fit to what suits you, I liked it being a little oversized!

      hope that helps!

      Naomi x

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    Oh no, what a nightmare! This is a beaut of a dress too. I don’t know if the fabric is suitable for an iron on or sew on embellishment (or even if the burn is in a place which doesn’t look daft with something sewn on) but Josyrose do loads of cute sew/iron on embellishments from the cute to the knock out. What a bummer. You look ace though! xx
    Just Me Leah

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      I did think of that but the burn is right at the back towards the bottom of the dress and it would look a bit odd with just a random patch on it!

      Thanks though lovey!

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    Fabulous dress on you. Do not throw it away, maybe you cover the burn spot with dainty lace in the same color then add it to the sleeves making it unique. I will be back to read more. . .

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