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Have you seen the new #IAmMe campaign by Evans yet? If not, why the hell not? It features some amazing, inspiring and downright empowering ladies from the plus size community and features the statement…

‘There are no rules, there are no limits.
Rock that red lip. Wear that dress. Be beautiful, be powerful, don’t apologise.’

As a woman (particuarly a plus size woman) we are constantly beaten with rules of what we should and shouldn’t wear and it can become somewhat exhausting, feeling like you have to adhere to a certain dress code just to be accepted.

I have been plus size for as long as I can remember and I’ve shrugged most of the stupid rules off and have gained buckets of confidence the more I have dressed for me rather than to how the rule book says I should dress. However one of the rules I have always been particularly terrified of is the idea that you can’t wear white if you’re over a certain size. Some people may have never heard this rule, I have heard it a lot and it had left me dreading white, until very recently.

Plus Size Blogger

I had the opportunity to put together an outfit from Evans and after looking through the site for an hour or so I was convinced I wanted to give white a try, something I would usually shy away from. Although apprehensive I was excited by the challenge of pulling together a pretty much all white outfit that I felt fabulous in…

Plus Size Blogger Plus Size Blogger

Sleeveless Faux Leather Jacket* / White TShirt (Similar)

White Ripped Jeans* / Suede Fringed Bag (Similar) / Shoes (Similar) Sunglasses (Similar)

So, I am Naomi, I am a lover, a friend, a rule breaker and now, a wearer of white with no f*cks given! Who are you?

*Denotes gifted items – all opinions my own


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