Seven Plus Size Sleepwear Faves: Wishlist

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that I’ve recently been in hospital and I’m now feet up at home in recovery mode.

“Why?” You may ask, well, I finally had my gallbladder removed last week after going through nearly two years of the most agonising pain I’ve ever experienced in my life, so I am bloody relieved to have the thing out and be on the road to recovery.

For the first couple of days I wasn’t able to move out of bed as I was so sore and bruised but over the last few days I’ve managed to migrate to the sofa with my laptop and have spent my days online window shopping, catching up on lots of my favourite blogs and getting excited about outfit ideas. I felt fueled with outfit inspiration and was going to put together a wishlist full of things I want to style for when I’m up and about again, however I think my current daily routine of pyjamas stifled my creativity.

After having a bit of a think I remembered back to just before I went in for my op when I had spent an evening scouring the internet for a new pair of PJ’s to take into hospital with me (because there was zero chance of getting a decent bit of size 24 nightwear on the high street). I remembered how it had dawned on me at the time how bleak it is still just trying to get basic plus size items like pyjamas, nightwear, underwear. Everywhere I looked had tonnes and tonnes of butterfly and floral embellished monstrosities or things emblazoned with ridiculous slogans like ‘I’m Nutty’ (really?). It was so hard to get just a cool pair of plus size PJ’s that weren’t made for my 90 year old grandmother, so I thought I’d do a little roundup of the faves that I did find along the way on that search that night…

Plus Size Nightwear

  1. Cloud Print Shortie Set / 2. Sleep Mask / 3. Black Harem PJ Bottoms / 4. Stripe Playsuit / 5. Balloon Dog PJ Set / 6. Barbie PJ Set /

7. Nightshirt

Where are your go to’s for plus size basics like nightwear? I’d love to know!

(Also massive shout out to my girl Danielle Vanier who’s currently still undergoing treatment for what was meant to be the same surgery as mine but is going through a terrible time! Lots of love DV!)


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    Rhiannon Kelly

    I had my gall bladder out 11 years ago, 1 year after i gave birth to my son, and the pain when i had an attack from it was honestly worse than going through child birth (easy to compare because my first attack came when he was just 2 weeks old!)

    I’m now a working mum of 2 and I’m in the last stages of my degree, so obviously I spend every minute inside my house wearing PJ’s and it is definitely hard to find something that doesn’t make you look either
    1. Really really old or
    2. like a bit of a slob.
    So this is an awesome post for me! Cant wait to start spending 🙂

    Hope your recovery goes well! Since having mine removed, its been smooth sailing (although I did have a few ‘phantom pains’ in the first few months) and I hope your friend gets better. I’ve only just found your blog so I have a lot of reading to do 😀 x

    • 2

      Hi Rhiannon! Thanks for your comment, I was really worried that this post would seriously bomb as I thought people would think it’s a bit boring but I’m pleased it’s been helpful!

      My recovery is going really well thank you. I don’t have children, but people keep telling me the gallstones pain is worse than childbirth so if I ever do delve into having babies I’ll know I can definitely handle the pain! Hahaha!

      I hope your degree goes well, what are you studying? Good luck with it all, you sound like super woman! If there’s anything on the blog you’d like to see, let me know, always look forward to hearing what you guys would like,


      • 3
        Rhiannon Kelly

        Hi Thanks for replying 😀

        I’m doing a maths degree with the open uni, only 8 weeks and 2 exams and its all over!

        I’m starting a new job in September as a trainee Maths teacher, so i would love to see a post on comfy stylish work clothes! I’m more nervous about what to wear than i am about anything else! lol Any and all advice would be gratefully received, I have one outfit – I wore it to both my interviews! hahaha

  2. 4

    I hope your recovery is going well! Thanks so much for this post. It always frustrates me with the high street that even stores which offer a plus size clothing range, like new look or dotty P, stop at size 18 or 20 with their underwear and night wear ranges. Why don’t they want our money 🙁

    • 5

      I know, it’s so frustrating isn’t it? We don’t just need clothes, we need PJ’s and all the other bits and pieces too so I was shocked when it was so hard to find anything decent in my size! I usually just go to bed in old leggings and a baggy top, but I thought seems as though I’m going into hospital I can’t so thought this post would be helpful and I’m so pleased that it has been! Thank you!

      I am recovering well, bored but recovery is going well thank you!

  3. 6

    I love the clouds jarmies!! I hate shopping for pjs…i usually just end up in M&S buying black bottoms and then wearing a vest top, but who wants that really??!! NOT ME!! I want jazzy jarmies!

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