I’ve Been Spending: Lush Handmade Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics

I buy a lot of stuff, I am a typical spendaholic and if I didn’t spend so much on stuff I didn’t really need then I would be a millionaire have a bit more money.

What I don’t need is to discover something else to fritter away my pennies on but after reading an article the other day it seems I have indeed found somewhere else for my money to disappear too!

Whilst aimlessly scrolling through Facebook (as you do) a few days ago I stumbled upon this article about ‘Handmade Cosmetics’ retailer Lush (no it’s not the one about plants growing in your shower!). I’ve never shopped in Lush and knew very little about them as a brand, I mean I’m aware that they’re known for their range of rainbow coloured bath bombs and are responsible for the sickly scent that wafts along most UK high streets but that was about it. After reading about their commitment to making a change in society through funding a bit of political activism I was more than pleasantly surprised. It’s unusual these days to hear about a company whose beliefs you can really relate to and get behind. However I digress but what I am trying to say is I really liked what I read about Lush and it absolutely compelled me to make my first visit to them.

When I arrived in store the staff were instantly so helpful and friendly (without being pushy) and after a quick chat I told them that I’d never shopped with them before so wasn’t really sure what I was looking for. They asked me a few questions about what I liked and didn’t like, about my skin and my skin care routines and then they started working their magic, showing me their amazing range of products and testing them out on me and getting my feedback on what I preferred. I ended up walking away with two bars of soap, a face mask and a hair moisturiser tester.

I’m yet to use my new treats, but I wanted to show you what I bought because if you’re anything like me then you love a nosy at what people have been spending on, so here’s what I got…

Lush 13

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask – this smell amazing, I love a good face mask, one that makes my combination skin feel revived and exfoliated without it drying me out. I tested this on my hands whilst instore and for hours after I kept stroking my left hand where this product had been as it had left my skin feeling so soft and silky and smelling beautiful. I’m really looking forward to the gentle exfoliation this promises.

Lush Cosmetics

Movis Facial Soap & Karma Soap – ‘Movis’ was recommended to me by the staff instore and after giving it a test I thought it would be a great addition to my skin care routine by using it a few times a week alongside Oatifix. The slightly squidgy texture of this is so strange but so gorgeous it almost makes me want to sink my teeth into it! Karma was recommended to me by my friend Lauren, she raved about the smell of Karma and that had me sold. I love a really good lather up in the shower that makes you come out enveloped in fragrance and smelling goddess-like and after just opening the packet on this I can already tell this isn’t going to let me down.

Lush Cosmetics

R&B Hair Moisturiser – funnily enough I only scanned over (yet another article on Facebook) today which was all about products that people recommend for girls with thick hair and this was included (spooky)! After letting the lovely ladies instore know that I have Afro-Carribbean hair they popped this little tester in my bag as an extra treat. If you have crazy, frizzy, thick or Afro hair like me then you will definitely know the struggle in trying to find products that really nourish your hair so I’m really hoping that this doesn’t let me down!

Lush Cosmetics

I know I’m really late to the Lush brigade but I’m so excited to try my new things. If you have any recommendations for me make sure you comment, I’d love to know what you guys love as I think Lush is going to be my new naughty habit…


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    My name is Leighanne and I am a Lush addict. I seriously cannot get enough of their stuff. My faves are Dark Angel cleanser which helps control my oily skin, Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon which leaves your skin so soft, Damaged hot oil treatment which gives my dry hair life and intergalactic bath bomb which turns the bath such a glittery blue colour. Unfortunately Darcy has caught the Lush bug also her favs are currently the creamy candy bubble bar and the Ickl Baby Bot bath bomb

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    I’ve been debating trying some Lush products as they’re supposed to be really good for your skin – unfortunately, little over sensitive me is allergic to most essentials oils so may struggle with the natural ingredients! Maybe I’ll have to pop in and talk to one of the assistants (and skin test everything before buying)!


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