Pulling Out the Bettie Big Guns: Plus Size Swimwear

Friday, it’s Friday gotta get down on Friday!

Sorry loves, couldn’t help that one!

How are you all? Prepped for a weekend of fun and frolics? I bloody well hope so! Wanna hear something new first though? There’s only a new line of plus size swimwear out! Oh yessiree the Bettie by Big Guns plus size swimwear collection has landed over at ASOS and it’s pretty cute. 

High waisted bikini bottoms, leopard print embellished halternecks and a cheeky frill or two, this pin-up inspired collection designed by Deborah Fleming of Pistol Panties will be stocked in UK plus sizes 18-28 just in time for you to hit the beach with this holiday season!

Whaddya think ladies? It’s great to have another plus size swimwear offering out there, especially one that isn’t afraid to make bikinis for women larger than a size 22. I haven’t tried this range yet but I’m interested to see what it’s like and I am particularly keen on the ‘Simone’ dogtooth bikini (I love a bit of dogtooth!). My only concern? The sizing on the bikini tops. A size 28 is marked as suitable for a ’44D-F’ so there may have to be a bit of ‘winging it’ with regards to getting your boobs into the tops.

A number of the pieces are available now over at ASOS so if you do give it a try let me know your thoughts! If you’re
in hurry because your holiday is next week  or in the next few days even you can get free next day
delivery with orders over £100 using the discount code NEXTDAY found via this page.


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    Fatty Ghost

    Do you get paid to post this stuff? I only ask because the bottom costume in particular is dreadful, at least the top is. Look at it in the Asos site and you can clearly see. There is zero support in the cups, they are sitting at her waist, the back has ridden right up because it's ill-fitting, the straps are doing nothing for support and are in totally the wrong place. Most of the bottoms that they are selling are a terrible shape too, cutting in at weird parts. I honestly can't see how a plus size fashion blogger doesn't see these glaring design errors and point them out. Constructive criticism is a good thing.

  2. 3

    I have bought so many bikinis last and this year that I just don't need anymore. But I dont like these anyway. I think they look a bit unspectacular. So simple. Not my kind of thing. But I'm pretty sure you would rock these!

  3. 4

    Fatty Ghost – no, I wasn't paid for this post and if you read it throughout you would see I mentioned about the fit with the cups. However, I haven't tried this range yet, as I also pointed out in my post, so to start critiquing on every aspect of fit when I haven't tried it isn't relvant when in essence the photographs on the asos website could just be poor. What I DID want to do is point this range out to people who may be looking for an option. The fit may work on them, it may not.

    Nadja – that's fine if it's not your style, but as I said above, it may be someone else's. I hope you love your bikinis x

  4. 5

    I got the high waisted bikini bottoms in a 22, black with two white stripes. Absolutely love them and will be wearing with a halter neck bright orange bikini top from F&F at Tesco. Quite a roomy fit, if I had time to change my order I’d go down a size for some support which would be there in a size smaller. But at £4.50 I can’t complain (sale a few weeks ago). Absolutely love these and am gutted there are no Big Guns bottoms left in plus sizes on ASOS at the moment. Any idea where else sells Big Guns?

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