Reader Spotlight: Kerri-Lee

Evenin’ loves!

I recently started a Facebook page for my blog (pop over and give it a ‘like’ if you already haven’t!) and it’s slowly but surely gaining steam. Starting the blog Facebook page has been a fantastic experience so far as it’s allowed me to connect with you guys on a much more personal level and I love that. I love hearing your stories, receiving your questions, getting amazing comments and compliments from you all but most of all I love to see your outfits and anything that may have been inspired by this little bloggy blog…

That being said a reader that I adore receiving comments from is Kerri-Lee. With her cute, quirky pixy cropped and coloured hair and individual way of piecing outfits together (I love the way she incorporates colour) I don’t think she realises just how much I’m inspired by her also.

Kerri-Lee sent me some pictures of some outfits that she has been wearing recently and I love them both! So, over to Kerri-Lee…

Thank you so much for sharing your looks with us Kerri-Lee!
Doesn’t she look fabulous?!

I love seeing your outfits and I love featuring you guys so if you’ve got any to share then get in touch!


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    I love that mint cardigan. I need it!! Also I really want to go for a cute and confident hair cut like Kerri-Lee's but I am a bit scared xx

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