Winter Floral Queen: Sure Headband Challenge

Bit of a different post for me this evening…

I was contacted recently by the guys from Sure whom wanted to set a bit of a challenge. With festival season over they are ‘determined to continue the party’ by getting a few of us to create our very own bespoke festival headband.

Now, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve generally always hated flower crowns. I don’t know what it was about them when they first emerged but I just couldn’t get a grasp on the trend; however even though I wasn’t immediately keen when I was contacted by the team to get involved with this it, in the end, was the crafty element that drew me in…

I haven’t spent a few hours just pottering away at something crafty and creative for oh so long! My nights are usually spent rushing around after work, going to the gym, cooking, shopping, etc, so to get the chance to relax and spend a few hours doing something totally different that turned out to be quite therapeutic was really lovely for a change.
I received a box of goodies to create my own headband in any way I pleased so decided to customise my items a little bit…

Getting my brother on hand with the spray paint, adding a gothy, black rose edge…

 Topped off with a little bit of glitter…

…and voila! After some tweaking, twisting and a bit of floristry my black glittery roses make a great combination to a ‘dark winter’ floral headband!
I decided to go really big and bold with this little challenge as you can see and although we are now out of festival season I liked my finished product so much that I did actually wear my creation out to a little local gig with an outfit I’d have never worn before and got loads of compliments…

 Check Shirt – Yours Clothing
Denim Shorts – New Look Inspire (old)
‘Paris Lady’ Tights – The Big Tights Co
Tan ‘Material Art’ Leather Boots – Clarks
Fringe Bag – South (old)

Can we just talk about my love of checked shirts at the moment too? I always find it really difficult to find a nice plus size shirt that doesn’t end up ruined with an oddly shaped collar, or some kind of random frill or covered in diamantes but Yours Clothing have some fantastic ones and for this time of year they work really well as layering pieces. Don’t be scared of an outfit like this in winter! They may be shorts but layered with the shirt, tights and boots (and a coat or jacket), this can work too for dry, warmer winter days!


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  1. 1

    Really good job! I've made dozens of these 'big n bold' flower crowns over the years as part of bellydancing costumes, until a ruptured disc forced me to give it all up and, if this is your first attempt, it's AWESOME!!!

    You are clearly a very talented, artistic and crafty lady. I really am so impressed!


  2. 3

    How did I miss this post?? That crown is amazing!!! You did so well with it! Crown and Glory sell some just like that for about £30!!

    I love this whole look on you. Your legs are gorgeous!

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