The Single Girls Wish List: Valentines Day

Afternoon my loves!

I don’t know if you know this, it’s not like I don’t whinge about it ALL OF THE TIME on my Twitter, but Naomi (yep I’m talking about myself in the third person now too) is single. Oh so very single. 

I have been single since 2012 and whilst I’ve enjoyed my time I’m not going to lie I would love nothing more than to find a new Mr Diamonds n Pearls. I’m a fiercely independent little soul who also happens to be a seriously sensitive, hopeless romantic. I love love, I love grand gestures, I love small gestures, I love making somebody happy and I love having someone to share awesome times with and whilst my friends are amazing there’s nothing like having your very own silly, special someone, I miss that ALOT.

So anyway, before you all start to get the violins out and this starts sounding like a dodgy, desperate dating add, as I don’t have a Valentine this year and I’m pretty certain no one will be surprising me, I thought I’d put together a little single girl wish list of things I’d like to receive or be able to buy to cheer myself up this February 14th…. 
The Dresses:
1. Pink Lace Dress – Pink Clove
2. Black & Red Floral Tunic – Yours Clothing (Don’t forget to use code ‘BLOGGER1’ for £10 off!
3. Heart Print Swing Dress – AX Paris for Simply Be
4. Rambling Rose Dress – Joe Browns for Fashion World

The Treats:
1. Swoon ‘Shimmy’ Pleasure Wand & Arousal Balm Set – Julie Peasgood for Boots 
(I actually already have the balm and it’s fantastic! Treat yourselves girls!)
2. Pickups & Come-Ons Book – ASOS
3. Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac – Sleek Makeup
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Amy’ Rose Gold Watch – ASOS
5. Knit Your Own Boyfriend by Carol Meldrum – ASOS 

What about you ladies? How many singletons are out there with me? What would be on your single girl wish lists, apart from Channing Tatum?



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    Kerry-Ann McDade

    Omg! I <3 that third dress.. On my wish list in a dress from New Look which I may buy… I mean we singletons gotta treat ourselves this Fri… right?? 🙂 xx

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