Plus Size Tights: The Supersize Edition


It’s no secret that over here at Diamonds n Pearls I am always
on the hunt for good quality, well priced tights for us in the super chunky end
of plus size. I’m talking those of us a size 26+. 
There are many retailers out there that claim that their tights
will fit those of us with much larger posteriors, bellies and thighs but many
of those retailers claims actually fall flat on their backsides. 
This post is a little run down of top 5 places to go to get well
fitting tights for us at the larger end of plus….
 Milan Lady 20 Denier Coloured Tights – £8.95// The
Big Tights Company
up to a UK 42
These guys started out over at The Big Bloomers Company. I’ve
mentioned them time and time and time again and that’s because I love them! I
love them even more now that they have started bringing us a variety of colours
and styles to don our pins with! Offering tights up to a UK size 42, they’re a
definite place to check out!
 Paisley Net Tights – £6.99// Miss

Available up to a UK size 32
Miss Difusa is an independent retailer trying her best to
provide us plus size girlies with the best in fab hosiery! I actually have a
pair of the paisley lace tights pictured above and they are absolutely perfect!
My size 30 bottom fits in them well, they’re comfortable, striking and fab!
Free UK delivery on every order too atm, so well worth a nosy!
 Big Diamond Tights by Comfort Choice – $17.99// Roamans

Available up to a 6X
I’m yet to purchase from Roamans, but after noticing that they’re
tights are sized to accomodate up to a glorious 400lb’s, they’re definitely on
my watch list to get my hands on some to experiment with! Yes, they’re
international and yes shipping may be a bit pricy, but on my quest to find the
perfect plus size tights, it’s no hardship for me. I will let you know my
findings! They have a great variety and are very reasonably priced, have you
tried them? Send me your thoughts!
Another American retailer I know, but they are a saviour in the
world of plus size. Offering a huge range of colours, sizes and styles they are
one of my absolute favourites to go to for a fabulous pair of tights to totally
change an outfit. If you’re looking for something a bit special other than
black then We Love Colors are your guys! I have bought from them a few times
now and I never regret a purchase!

Available up to a UK 32
Last but not least, Yours Clothing. I’m quite the advocate of
these guys at the moment as they really are going from strength to strength.
With a new TV advert launched last night they’re really trying to make a
difference to the offerings us plus sizers have. They’re hosiery section is
growing and growing and their Lycra Xceptionelle tights got a rave of reviews
throughout the plus size blogging world not so long ago. I am still yet to give
them a try but at £8, and available up to a UK size 32, they’re well worth a
Who’re your faves to go to when it comes to tights?


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  1. 1
    Mel Chillag

    Granted I'm a smaller fat, but I'm struggling so much to find tights that fit. I've tried the Yours ones and my problem with them is that after a few wears they lose their snap-back ability which means they're totally stretched out and the dreaded rolling down starts to happen again 🙁 I'm gonna try Miss Difusa though!

  2. 2
    Valerie Lusk-Waddell

    I'd suggest No Nonsense tights from Walmart as well. I'm about 340 and the XXL fits me perfectly, a little snug in the waist but not to the point they are uncomfortable. 🙂 And they are only 8$ or less a pair.

    This season for that size they only have like 5 colors.. 😐 But if anyone is smaller you're in luck, there are TONS of colors on the No Nonsense website in XL and below. I've worn my couple of pairs a few times each and no problems yet so I'm happy! 😀

  3. 4

    Thank you for this post. I have spent so much money on plus size tights over the years, only to have to wear a pair of knicks over the top to stop them sliding down. I'm a 22/24 bottom heavy pear shape, with short legs but a long torso. This means I have to size up in tights. I usually end up with material bagging around my ankles, but barely stretching over my bum / tummy. Evans tights are particularly bad for this, so any recommendations for new shops are really welcomed 🙂

  4. 5

    My favourites are without a doubt Big Bloomers Company. I'm wearing their Paris tight today and it is so soft and comfy and I love the quality and elasticity in them!!

  5. 6

    Thank you so much for recommending the Big Bloomers Co. Just bought their Paris 50 denier tights and … THEY FIT!! I didn't need to wear knickers over the top to hold them up, I didn't have 3 metres of material bagging around my ankles. They felt so soft and amazing to wear.

    With all the shops and stores that sell plus sized tights, how come the majority are getting it so wrong? I spend a fortune on tights in the winter. Don't they want my money?

  6. 8
    Emma Rose

    How is the leg length with the Miss Difusa tights? I'm a uk 22/24 but I'm 6ft1 so tights that are big enough are rarely long enough in the leg…but I love love LOVE that design!

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