Just Another Blogging Challenge: Through The Seasons

Hi Loves!

I’m dead chuffed cause I’m involved in a little blogging challenge! I love seeing other bloggers get involved in these but I always seem to miss the boat, so when I caught this one I was ever so pleased!

The first month of this challenge is all about transitional outfits, making things work season to season. It’s a real shame when you have pieces that you love but you just feel like they’re season specific, i.e. I love a maxi dress for summer, but I have this absolute fear of wearing them in the colder months, I just can’t get my head around not putting a pair of sandals on with one! But anyway, I digress…
My transitional item is a simple black t-shirt, why? Because you can literally put it with anything.
This plain black tee from H&M (another I’ve chopped the neck off of) has been with me for a few years now and it’s worn to death through Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter without a problem, I feel like this is cheating a bit because it’s not a particular ‘Summer’ item but I think if you get the basics right, you can’t go wrong.

 Grey Blazer – New Look Inspire
Black T-Shirt – H&M
Pencil Skirt – ASOS Curve
Tights – The Big Tights Company
Boots – New Look
Necklace – Dorothy Perkins
Bracelets – Primark
Please excuse my terrible face and hair, I’d just got in from work, quickly changed and was running out of the door to head to the cinema (saw Captain Phillips, outstanding film, go see!). I wore a big chunky scarf too with this but didn’t get a picture, sorry! Pieced altogether with a pair of cute ankle boots (will show these off soon in another post), thick black tights and I was all sorted! A simple black tee layered up for another season. YAY!
So, challenge for October, complete! 🙂

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    Steph C

    you can never had enough basic tops, my office heating varies from tropical to Arctic with nothing in the middle!

    I think i'm going to follow your example and cut the necks off a few of my tops as I buy them and feel to closed in and they get put to the back of the drawer.

    Do you hem the cut off necks or leave them as they are? x

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