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Evenin’ My Loves!

OMG I’m doing a bra review!!!!!
(but I promise there are no half naked pics of me, read on without worry!)

I live a constant battle with my boobs. Finding a pretty, comfortable, well fitted 46G bra is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It literally is a nightmare. 
I had heard recently that Panache had released a range called ‘Sculptresse’ and I really wanted to try it. So when I received an email asking if I fancied reviewing one of their sets I absolutely jumped at the chance!

The guys over at Panache sent me the beautiful ‘Bellise’ bra in a lovely bright floral print in a 46G and matching undies. Now, unfortunately the range only caters their knickers up to a UK size 26, so whilst I can get into them they aren’t particularly comfortable as they are too small, so first point of note Panache, maybe think about extending the size range of your undies with this range, some of us ladies have big boobs and very big bottoms!

Now, the bra, it’s like a little slice of big boob heaven! For so, so long I must have been wearing awful fitting bra’s because when I got this little number on I just felt a huge wave of relief, it was literally like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Is this how a proper fitting bra is meant to feel? AMAZING!

Now, I’m no Georgina or Caroline, so I’m no bra expert and don’t know all the correct terminologies for things but the cups hold everything in, the back band is so firm and supportive and the underwiring sits flat against my rib cage, just how I believe it should! WOW! To feel properly supported and comfortable is just a dream, the support in this thing is second to none. Coupled with a gorgeous fresh, floral design it’s super pretty too! Also just to note the bra isn’t padded so if you usually like your boobies with some cushioning then maybe try one of the other items in their range. I personally don’t wear padded so this is perfect for me. 

My only issue with the bra is a problem I have with pretty much every bra I ever wear and that’s back band roll up, no matter what it always happens and I’ve still not found a bra yet that hasn’t done it, so Panache start working on stopping that from happening and I swear I will never buy from anybody else ever again!

Bellise Bra 46G & Knickers UK 26 gifted to me by Panache
So, massive love to Panache for releasing this range, I’d love to see more of the collection released in a 46G so I could stock up! The lingerie market for 46G+ customers is pretty grim, so this is a breath of fresh air!


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    Hello! I know its not really my place to throw advice out there, but just in case you 'hadnt' (I'm sure you have) thought about it, and feel free to ignore this: go down a band size and UP a cup size. Just comparing our bodies, I've got a bigger underbust but smaller boobs then you and I'm a comfortable and happy 44HH I recommend trying bras more in the 42/44 h/hh/i/j sizing. I've just been through years of trying to make bras fit me only to finally find out that I'm actually a 44/HH/J(US)! I now have bras that I can wear all day without the bands rolling up (this means the band is too large), without cutting into my shoulders, and without extreme pain. If you go to ebay and search for "44h bra" there are often several cheap options ($14US), they arnt the best quality but they are fantastic for trying out different sizes. I wish WISH someone had told me 10 years ago that actually, I needed a deeper/bigger cup size and a smaller band size, could have saved many years of pain an annoyance. As I said, feel free to ignore this as I'm sure you've tried lots of things over the years, I posted this as much for you as reader that might not have considered it. Good luck to all 🙂

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    I need to do some serious bra shopping asap so will be checking this one out as its gorgeous! Just hope it comes in a 42HH. I prefer soft cup bras but the only 42HH bra I've ever come across thats up to standard is the inimitable Doreen by Triumph. Ugly- but it works.

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