Indian Summer: AX Paris Curve Outfit

Afternoon my loves!

I’m a little bit behind with my AX Paris reviews as I’ve not been feeling too up for photo opportunities to be honest.

The guys over at AX Paris Curve sent me over a gorgeous Indian Paisley Print Maxi dress for April and as we’ve had a little sunshine today I’ve taken full advantage of getting my maxi on!

Cue a lot of cleavage and ridiculous posing pics….

Indian Paisley Maxi Dress – £38.00 AX Paris Curve
Studded Fringe Bag – Littlewoods
Peeptoe Studded Flats – Primark
Chiffon Shrug – New Look Inspire
Yellow Earrings – Primark

Great dress, a little snug on my 46G boobies and maybe a little clingier than I would like but it is a size 26 and I always said I’d be ‘making it work’ with the AX Paris Curve items as they’re size range is only to a 26. Still, works though? Yay? I don’t care, I love a maxi for summer days!



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    Yes, it works! The dress is beautiful and so are you. 😀
    Maxi dresses for summer are the best (but I also just discovered that short shorts are wonderful too!)

  2. 4
    Gail T

    Wow, you look amazing. Such a lovely dress on you. I just found out the other day that a local shop sells the AX Paris Curve range,I'll be heading down there soon to look for this dress! xx

  3. 6

    This looks great. Tempted to get it for my hols… on another note, me and you need to talk bras!! I never ever ever meet anyone the same size as me. Evern people who are about the same dress size seem to get away with wearing a back size of 38 or 40. How they manage, I do not know. People always recommend Bravissimo and I haven't been able to get anything from there since I was 16! At the moment I can only buy one specific brand that I like and it costs me a fortune. So I'd love to pick your brain about where you buy from. xx

  4. 7

    OMG! Gemma! Me too! I am always bemused by people whom seem around the seem size as me but seem to wear like a 40 back! I just don't get it! We need to chat! We should meet up sometime, you're a northerner aren't you? Maybe we should arrange a little plus size blogger meet sometime soon for us Midlands/Manchester types!

  5. 8

    Ha! I would love that. Yes, I'm in Manchester. I've had my holiday booked for over a year and only just realised that I'm going to be missing plus North 🙁 so that would be ace. I noticed a few other people were talking about hoping to have a meet up soon too. xx

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