Paisley Prettiness OOTD: AX Paris Curve

Evenin’ All!
You know those days where you probably aren’t doing a fat lot, but you need to make yourself feel amazing regardless? Well today I’ve had one of those. 
I’m a bit skint as pay day is literally within sniffing distance, so this weekend is a quiet one for me, but a perfect excuse to play dress up in my new AX Paris dress! YAY!
When AX Paris contacted me not too long ago and asked if I’d like to review some of their items, I think I mentioned this in my last post about them, but I was dubious. Their Curve range only goes up to a UK size 26 which is technically too small for me. I explained this to them but they were great and really urged me to try them and let me choose items I thought may work. 
Last month I chose a lovely textured cardigan which I was really impressed with, this month I thought I would brave one of their dresses. I read through the item descriptions and in the end I went for a pretty little paisley number, it boasted an elasticated waist and a skater-esque cut I thought I may get away with so I asked if I could give it a chance…
When it arrived I opened the package up warily thinking ‘this is never going to fit’, but I was not just pleasantly surprised but thrilled! The actual material of the dress isn’t stretchy, it’s a lined chiffon number but It fits me really well! Plenty of room in the bust for my ample bosom, a stretchy elasticated waist band for ease of fit and a lovely chiffon floaty skirt. Oh pockets!!!! This dress has little pockets! It’s a little bit sad that I get all excited about something as daft as having pockets but they’re a luxury!
Anyway, this is how it all looked…

Miss Difusa Tights
Primark Swallow Necklace
 Paisley Stud Print Chiffon Dress – AX Paris Curve UK Size 26
Paisley Tights – Miss Difusa
Black Boyfriend Cardigan – Simply Be
Burgundy Slippers – New Look 

What d’ya think? I’m also really looking forward to glamming this dress up with heels and lots of bling for a night out! Perfect versatile little number!
The moral of this story? Give it a try! You never know, it just may work for you! I’m looking forward to trying a few more pieces from them and absolutely can’t wait to show them off to you!



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  1. 3

    I love that despite you showing some uncertainties about trying their clothes, they continued to urge you to try – that's so great! Also, the dress looks really lovely on you – especially with those tights! I'm happy everything worked out 🙂

  2. 4
    Vicky Frankland

    I love that dress on you! I've only recently tried AX Paris as I wasn't sure if their range would be right for me, but it's turned into my favourite dress. Loving your Miss Difusa tights too 🙂

  3. 7
    Rachel P

    That dress is gorgeous!! Absolutely stunning! I have been attempting to locate tights as such, but you are so gorgeous doll! I always love how your eyes are so beautiful in all of your pictures!

  4. 11
    Nikki Sumner

    Fab dress and yes I get excited about pockets as well!!! I am seriously tempted to order something from their range as this is a style of dress I really like but have yet to try x

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