Lucia’s Looks – Fresh Faced January Vlog…

Hiya ladies! 

I have put together a very simple and natural everyday
makeup look to start out the New Year. I can’t even count the number of Smokey
eyes I have done over the festive period. So heres something for work, school or even just for popping to the shops.
I‘ve made a short video just showing what I did and the
products that I used or you can read the step by step guide!
Please bear in mind that each step and product is optional, everybody’s
face is different some steps can be missed out completely if you don’t need

Here’s a list of the products I used for this look:

Sleek Makeup BB Cream
Bobbi Brown concealor
Mac Coppertone Blush


HD Brows kit
Mac texture and arena eye shadows by
Urban Decay eye kohl in Zero
ELF Mineral eyelid primer
Loreal superliner (liquid)
Loreal Telescopic mascara in Carbon Black

Clinique Chubby Stick in Graped up.


  • To keep the look natural I went for a tinted moisturiser
    instead of a foundation, you can just as easily use a light coverage foundation
    but we want it to look just like skin, I only used it even out skintone for a
    fresh looking face. 
  • Next I filled in my brow.. for more dramatic looks I like to
    have a stronger brow as it frames the face, for this look I simply define the
    shape I already have using a brow powder that matched my eyebrows.

  • I dabbed some concealer under my eyes as I have dark circles,
    this is to brighten up the face and makes us look more awake. I then set the
    concealer with a setting powder so it won’t crease or move around throughout
    the day.

  • Again to keep the look as natural as possible I used an eye
    shadow close to my skin colour from eyelid to eyebrow. You could skip this step
    completely if you want to, I prefer to prime my eyelids and use an eye shadow
    as its keeps my eyelids matte all day (for us girls who are slightly oily). Because
    I have gone for one colour over the whole eye I have added an eyebrow highlight
    just to wake up the look a little bit and add light to the face.

  • Ok so this next step is my favourite, defining the
    eyes! Even if I choose to do nothing else I ALWAYS define my eyes I think it’s
    the key to looking awake and adding that little something to make a difference
    to the face. I used pencil eyeliner for the waterline (lower lid) and a liquid
    liner for the top eyelid. The reason I went for a liquid is because I like the
    sharp harsh line and it makes it easier to do a little flick on the outer
    corner. If you want a really natural ‘is she wearing any makeup?’ look then I would
    suggest using pencil and if you are of a light to medium skin tone I would
    suggest using a brown pencil just to create a little darkness to define the
    eyes. I then used a black mascara to add even more emphasis to the eyes, them
    being the window to our souls and all.

  • I
    like to add a little colour to the cheeks just to bring some life to the face,
    so, because everything else on the face is so neutral you can go with any colour
    blush you chose the key is using a light hand, you want the tiniest touch of
    colour just to say ‘Im alive’.

  • Last but certainly not least I have used a chubby stick which
    is just a tinted moisturising lip product, it adds the smallest hint of colour
    while adding moisture to the lips obviously you can feel free to change it up
    with a natural shade of lipstick or a gloss but again I was going for the
    most natural products in each step. 


Really hope you enjoyed this months look! I’ll be back next month! Can’t wait!


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