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Afternoon beautiful people!

I am super excited about this post today! 

Do you remember a few weeks ago I said that I didn’t want this blog to be all about me? Well, from now on it isn’t (thank god I can hear you all shout!). 

I’ve recently become acquainted with a super beautiful, plus size girly called Lucia, the more we talked the more Lucia’s passion for all things make up came to light. Now, as you all know, I love the stuff, I really really do, but I’m a creature of habit I tend to stick to what I know and more often than not I do it all wrong! So I asked Lucia one day if she would be interested in doing a spot on my blog every month talking about her favourite make up looks, products and any tips she might have for us and I am very happy to announce that she said yes! YAY!

So who is this Lucia lady I hear you ask, well without further adieu I introduce you to Lucia and her first post of the year….

Over to you my lovely!

Happy New Year all….

My name is Lucia and I’m a plus size girl living and
working in the wonderful world of makeup in London.

I am in love with all things makeup and fashion and I am a typical girly girl, Im easily dazzled by pretty clothes and sexy shoes but show me a new
lipstick or some glitters and I’m forever yours. 

I was approached by Naomi to write some makeup related posts for this amazing
blog and I couldn’t be more excited. We have some wonderful things planned for
you guys, lots of makeup looks catered to all you girlies in real life

I am also looking forward to being a guinea pig, I love trying out new products on the
market so I will be throwing in some product raves when I come across great items that I really like and think you will also.

Anyway let‘s get down to it, first of all this month I wanted to talk to you about the first rule of great make-up, which is making sure you put yourself on the road to great skin! Fortunately for me, I don’t usually
suffer from break outs but I do love to take care of my skin, I love makeup
and I think it’s something that us girls (and guys) can have so much fun with,
but I do feel that it’s important to keep your skin in good condition
underneath. So here are my main tips to getting great looking healthy skin

  • The first and most important thing
    in my opinion is going to sound silly and a little obvious but it’s shocking
    how many of us just don’t do it, but keep your skin CLEAN and ALWAYS remove
    your makeup! If you’re like most women and you just wipe it off at the end
    of the day/night with a makeup remover wipe or a baby wipe its just not good
    enough, I challenge you all this new year (even if you just do it once) because
    I am asking so nicely, when you have wiped off your makeup as you usually do
    and you believe your face is clean, go over it once with a cotton pad with some
    cleanser on it and I guarantee you will be surprised at just how much of your makeup is actually left behind! 
  • There are tons of tips and tricks
    on how to detox with various juices that claim to cleanse the
    skin and boost energy etc and I’m sure these are all great and perfect for a new
    year and a new you but nothing will keep your skin looking as amazing as what simple H2O will! This year, so far I have upped my water intake to
    see if it had any effect and I genuinely believe it has. My skin
    looks and feels healthier all round. I don’t even drink the RDA of water, I just
    drink a lot more than I used to and I have seen marked
    improvement in my skin and I couldn’t be happier. 

If you are prone to break outs focus on keeping your skin super clean and make
sure you regularly clean your makeup brushes. I cannot stress this enough but
makeup brushes harbour bacteria when not regularly cleansed that can be harmful to skin
and for those of you that
like tea, coffee and/or a little tipple, caffeine and alcohol all have a drying
effect on the skin, so keep your H2O levels topped up!

These are things that I intend
to maintain and I urge all of you to get into a good routine with.
I hope you’ve all enjoyed my first post over here at Diamonds ‘n’ Pearls and I will be back in the week with my first make up look, a fresh faced January, so keep your eyes peeled girlies!
* Just in case anyone is
interested the cleanser /makeup remover I recommend and have been using is
called Bioderma (the sensitive one) it’s what I use on myself and also in my
Pro Kit for all my clients.


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