Happy 2013 & My First Outfit of the New Year!

Evenin’ my lovelies!

Happy New Year!

I’m not gonna give you another, nostalgic, deep and meaningful blog post, in all honesty 2012 sucked for me, sucked massively in fact, I hate to be a negative person, I’m usually pretty much always smiling and upbeat but I am so glad to see the back of last year. It was a pretty non-event of a year for me, if there weren’t bad things happening, there wasn’t a fat lot happening at all to be honest. I had a handful of good times, but unfortunately the lows of 2012 are more prominent than anything else. 

So, 2013 is here and I promise to be a better me. A better friend, a better family member, a better blogger, a better tryer harder, just a better me. I’m not going to give you a long list of things I want from the year I’m just gonna live it and see where it goes but live it much better than I lived 2012, I hope you are all gonna stick around to see it through with me!

I’ve got some little ideas in the pipeline for the blog this year, not only do I want to make sure I post more, I want to make sure I involve more of you. I hate the blog being all about me, I want to share this space with as many awesome ladies as I can, so, I’m still fine tuning some things but I definitely want some of you to take control of this space very soon! 

With that, I’m gonna leave you with my first outfit post of the year, Christmas day was spent mooching the ASOS Curve sale, and what can I say, I found some absolute bargains without having to battle my way through the high street and can say I was thrilled with everything I received, now there’s a first! I was also shocked at the sizing, I know ASOS Curve runs generous but this was even more generous than I anticipated. Everything I bought was a UK size 26, which technically is still too small for me as a UK size 30 girl, I had loads of spare room in all of the dresses I bought, so ladies, bare this in mind if you intend to purchase anything stretchy and jersey like from the brand anytime soon. Anyway, here are the 4 dresses I bought,

And first off is this little baby…..


Graphic Print Dress – £15 (On Sale) ASOS Curve 
Silver Spike Earrings – New Look
Black Tights – We Love Colors
Suede Wedges – New Look Wide Fit
Studded Clutch – Primark

And here I am with my little bro-ski out partying in it, what you reckon? Do you think we are alike?

Talking about my bro, I’m seriously thinking about introducing a spot on
here for plus size guys, if any of you out there are interested or know someone who may be,
please, drop me a message or an email or something, I’m interested to
know your thoughts!

Right, I’m off for this evening but I promise I will be back much sooner than I usually am!

Massive loves, hugs and wishes that all your 2013 dreams come true!



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  1. 1

    The dress is gorgeous, you look amazing! I looked at it myself and thought about getting it, might go and have a quick look to see if there's any left now! Happy new year x

  2. 4
    Eclectic Thrifty Chic

    I am so glad you posted that about the sizes. I have been holding back from buying anything from ASos Curve because I was not sure if they would fit me. I am a US 24-26. This dress looks great on you! 🙂


  3. 5
    Naomi S

    Oh you look divine! Love that dress on you, and your hair and make-up impeccable as always! I cant wait for the photos of you in the dress on the bottom left, as i recently snagged it in the sales too and am waiting for it to arrive.

    I'd love to see plus size mens posts … my husband is a bigger guy and being out of the size range for most large chain stores finds it hard to find fashionable clothes that fit him. It'd be great for him to get some of the positive inspiration from your blog that i have since i started reading :). xxx

  4. 6

    Love that dress on you its so cute. I must go re check there sale out.

    Hope 2013 is awesome for you and I will be back checking out your blog.


  5. 8

    The dress looks so beautiful on you! Makes me wanna buy it too. I've been looking at it for a while now…

    Also! Happy new year. I hope 2013 will treat you better!

  6. 12

    I found you pretty randomly and am so glad I did. Thanks for rockin' fat and paving the way to fashion and self love for the shyer among us.

  7. 13

    I had the same trouble with ASOS Curve, bought a load of stuff at the beginning of the year and had to return it all! I am size 16/18 so sometimes find their straight fit styles too tight, but then when I buy their Curve range it's too big! You look great in the dress. Randomly found your blog while searching for other plus size bloggers. 🙂

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