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Evenin’ lovelies……

This post, was inspired by the beautiful Ragini of the blog A Curious Fancy, she won’t know this but I was hooked by her post ‘through the rabbit hole‘ where she discusses the need plus size bloggers have to be seen as sexy and appealing. I totally understand her point and can only concur with her reasoning behind it, we are told for so long that we can’t be seen as sexy that it seems to be the only look many of us aim to adopt in an effort to break boundaries. I was also inspired by Bethany’s recent article for the Huffington Post ‘It Ain’t Easy Being Rad: The 3 Kinds of Plus Size Women‘ this article rang so true for me and I felt we can all find a little bit of all of us in it. Both of these girls put forward some very interesting ideas which fitted together really well when I began throwing them around in my head.

I will hold my hands up wholeheartedly and profess that I am terribly guilty of being one of ‘those’ plus size bloggers that Ragini describes. Whilst I am a very confident fatty whom isn’t scared to show off in bold bright dresses and break some fashion rules, I definitely would not (I feel) fall into that ‘rad fatty’ category with the likes of bloggers such as Ragini, Georgina and Bethany. All of these girls have such unique, individual styles that are very personal to each of them and I admire them all and for their fearless approach to fashion and their clothing choices, envious even, that I still don’t quite have that ‘rad fatty’ attitude.

Ivory Lace Panel Shirt – £35 Evans (UK 30)
Black Biker Jacket – Evans (past season)
Black Denim Jeggings – £17.99 Simply Be 
Oversized Gold Clutch Bag – Jane Norman (past season)
Black Studded Flats – New Look Wide Fit

So whilst this outfit is nowhere near their level of radness, for me it was a bit of a push out of my comfort zone of cutesy dresses, heels, nipped waists and plunging necklines. Flowing hair, big lashes and blingy jewellery all put away. This outfit is me, covering up the bust, wearing a pair of jeans (which I’m not a big fan of), slicking my hair back and going for a less feminine look than I am used to. I am guilty of the look being inspired by current high street trends but that is something that I gravitate towards in general, as I’ve said before, I do like to dabble in trends, but by manipulating them to suit myself and my personal style. I felt ever so slightly androgynous in this outfit and I kinda liked it and will be giving it a go more often, it’s just not easy to find the right key pieces in super fatty size, which I also feel contributes to how much us super size plus sizers can partake in being as individual as we maybe would like to be…ya know?

Anyway, nothing more than that from me tonight but I do solemnly swear to try and be just a little bit more ‘rad fatty’ in the future, what do you think to the outfit?

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    Oh man, okay so this is my second attempt commenting. I had no idea you liked my post so much, so when I read this I just went a bit OMG! I love your outfit, and I love that you went out of your comfort zone! *I* should probably try and get out of my comfort zone. Wear some jeans like you did! (I don't wear trousers.) I think going against what society tells us what we should do and how we should dress, as fat people, is in itself a pretty radical act. So I think you are pretty rad! I am just a bit outspoken about fatness sometimes, because I like being mouthy on the internet 🙂

  2. 6
    Just me, Leah

    It's a great look on you but then you always look good. I think I'm a moderate fat with a tiny tinge of rad. I'm still working through a lifetime of being told (by my mum) that fat people can't wear XYZ, fat people can't go in certain shops, and always being reminded of how 'wrong' my body is, even though she thought she was helping. Truth is, she gave me more hang ups than IKEA's entire wardrobe line, but I'm getting there.

    If I ever have a child I will do my utmost to make them feel beautiful NO MATTER WHAT. xx

  3. 7
    Pauline Sloan

    Love this look! I think its always good to go out and explore outside your comfort zone once in a while, you never know what you'll fine that might surprize you! 🙂 xx

  4. 10
    Megan Mawdsley

    'Rad fatty' is a great look! Wish I had the balls to pull off a leather jacket like that! I think I might give it a go, get out of my own comfort zone. You've definitely inspired me! xox

  5. 14

    Gorgeous Outfit!!
    Quick question for you or any lovely ladies that have any ideas, ive just purchased a peach sequin vest from ebay, and im trying to wear it for a night out.
    Any one got any ideas how to wear it im a size 16 so dont want anything too cling up top?
    Im rubbish at putting outfits together 🙁
    Any help much appreciated!
    Merry xmas to you all 🙂

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