But-Fest 2012 & My OOTD….

Ello ello!

How are you all m’dears? Do you remember when I did But-Fest 2011 last year from this post? Well, I am currently in recovery from But-Fest round 2, sat on the sofa with a brew and some god awful television. Unfortunately this time around I wasn’t in the best of health and had to forego some of the fun due to circumstances out of my control and take it a bit easier. I was struck with tonsillitis about 2 days before I was due to arrive at the mighty Minehead Butlins resort for their ’90’s Reloaded’ weekender, I couldn’t have been more frustrated with myself that I wasn’t up to my usual 100% party girl standard, if you have gathered anything about me in this short time I have been letting you into my life you will know that Naomi likes a good ol’ time, wherever there’s a party, Naomi won’t be too far away….

I was born in 1984 which meant I was a teen in the 90’s and well into the whole pop/boyband/Spice Girls scene, a weekend consisting of nothing but pure 90’s cheese was right up my street, I even got to see 911, who I absolutely loved when I was about 13 years old! (OMG!).

I made it out for drinks on the Saturday night which is usually the night when the whole camp rocks out in their best fancy dress. I was really slack on putting together a fancy dress outfit this year and had to go for a very, very poor representation of Scary Spice which equated to me making my hair as big as possible, throwing on a leopard print dress and just winging it whilst my friends had put loads of effort into their costumes, I felt like a right fraud, because I looked absolutely bugger all like anything other than Naomi dressed up for Saturday night! Poor show Noms, poor show! But I did manage to resurrect my love for a dress that I thought I hated….

Leopard Print Dress – New Look Inspire (UK 26)
Black Chiffon Shrug – New Look Inspire (UK 26)
Pink Neon Belt – New Look Inspire (came with another dress)
Black Footless Tights – We Love Colors
Black Wedge Heels – New Look
Clutch – Primark

I originally bought and wore this dress for Plus London 2 and loved it, but then for some reason fell right out of love with it (god I’m so fickle!). I threw it together with a bit of neon and some footless tights for Saturday night of Butlins and actually I quite like it again, so it is now back in my wardrobe and safely out of my eBay pile!

Anyway I thought I’d give you a few snaps from the weekend….

Me and Lucy, the most loveable nutcase in the world! God bless her and her Mono-Flap (Maybe I’ll explain that another time!)

Yep, anything is possible in Butlins, I spent Saturday afternoon raving with a Zebra to 911! Now theres a sentence I never imagined I’d say! 

911 performing! They’re so teeny tiny!!!!!

Mrs Doubtfire, myself and G.I Jane….

Axl Rose aka Lorna giving Mrs Doubtfire a good ol’ grope! 

That would be me, chomping a truncheon…no pun intended! 😉 

Drunk posing…of course!

Myself, Miranda as something I cannot remember but her makeup was fantastic and bloody scary and Mrs Doubtfire pulling her/his best pout!

Next year Butlins, I promise to be on top form to redeem myself in the eyes of the Gods of Partying, I am so ashamed of myself!

That’s all from me today lovelies!



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