My Week In Pictures…..

Evenin’ lovelies!

Well, what can I say, first of all a big thanks for the feedback I got from my last post. I was seriously overwhelmed by the response it got. It’s something that is always on my mind and I am glad that I can share my thoughts with people who have had the same kinds of experiences, to know that I’m not alone when I find myself at boiling point due to the ignorance of society.

I must admit, it’s been a pretty bland week, I think that’s probably the general consensus of most of us at the moment with this god awful weather, I’m not even lying, my afro hair just cannot cope with much more moisture in the air, I’m currently living my life as a giant frizz ball and it’s no fun! Please stop raining! Purleasssssssssssseeeeeeee?
So I was just gonna give you a little round up of my week in a few pics….

 Spot of spring cleaning on Monday…..
 Midweek GlossyBox goodies arrive….
Really lovin’ the Figs & Rouge Balm, just gorgeous!

 Friday night drinkies…
Happy Birthday Sazzle….
Saturday consisted of homous, sausages and sleep…..

Oh and yes I have totally O.D’ed on photo filters….lol


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