Sunday, 1 April 2012

Doing Chubby Cartwheels

Afternoon Lovelies!

I am so excited to be writing this review and showing off my awesome Chubby Cartwheels leggings. I am even more pleased that I've actually got some decent pics to show them off as I had an unsuspecting victim on hand today whom I made suffer my ridic posing and take my pictures.

About a month ago I received an email which made my day. Shawna whom owns and runs Chubby Cartwheels dropped me a message asking me if I would like to choose something from her store to review, this for me was an honour.

I have known Shawna for a number of years now, whenever we would talk on messengers etc it would always be about clothes and fashion as it's something we both get super excited about. When Shawna told me she was going to start sewing and making clothes I had serious admiration as it is something that I have always wanted to do. Over the years she would show me pictures of her work and outfits she would make for herself and I would be in such awe that she was able to create awesome bespoke pieces for herself. I would regularly give her the 'girl, when are you gonna make some shiz for me?!'.

Well, finally the time came and I couldn't be more thrilled for her that her labour of love Chubby Cartwheels is up and running and becoming a real gem within the plus size world. I couldn't be more thankful that there are girls like Shawna out there whom are willing to follow their dreams, take the plunge and design for us!

I chose to own a pair of 'Classic Leopard Leggings', you know me, if there is animal print involved then I'm all over it. When they arrived they were packaged so beautifully but I was just so excited I tore them open, so no pics, sorry! They are silky soft, and fit perfectly. I ordered a size 24 from her website and I even mentioned to her that I tend to have slimmer ankles to the rest of my leg and she was happy to let me take a measurement so she could tailor the item to fit correctly, so no ankle gapage! YAY!

I dressed them up yesterday for a Nando's and cinema date to finally watch The Hunger Games. When I wear leopard print, I tend to dress it quite hard, you know, lots of blacks and dark colours but I wanted to lighten it this time around to match the nice light spring weather, and anyway, here's what I wore.....

Classic Leopard Leggings - Chubby Cartwheels
White Vest Top - H&M+
Cardigan - Primark
Skull Scarf - Primark
Metallic Open Toe Flats - H&M
'Tinkerbell' Necklace - Superdrug

Ridiculous Posing - Born this way

I also slicked my nails with some Models Own 'Indian Ocean', stunning colour but about 6 coats needed to get a good shimmery look, great eye-catching summery polish though...

Shawna's clothes are fantastic, and scream 'I don't give a fuck if I'm fat, ima wear you anyway!' and that is what I love, not only are the clothes made by a fellow fatty whom understands what us other fat girls want they are unashamedly in your face and full of attitude and I absolutely cannot wait to see what else comes from Chubby Cartwheels in the future. Also check out her blog, When In Doubt Wear Purple.

Go check her out NOW!

Big Love


Doma-Nikki said...

Love them! Checked out the website and its cool :)

Love the nail polish too xx

TraceyB said...

these leggings are lovely - a great length and good fit on you. You can't put a price on quality. Looking fab. xXx

Laura Darby said...

I'm desperately saving for a Chubby Cartwheels item! Those leggings are lush. You wear them well!

Shawna said...

Great post!! Thanks for the fabulous review hun! Hope to work with you again! :)

MissAmySimon said...

Naomi you look absolutely beautiful in these photos. I'm loving those leggings! Your sandals are lush too.

Amy xx

Sara said...

Just found your blog and love it! Can never find any good plus size fashion but you have inspired me. I am from Wolves so i am often wondering aimlessly around Merry Hill (Hell). Keep up the fantastic work :)

naomi_g0300 said...

Hey Sara! Great to have you on board! So pleased you like the blog! Wolves isn't the most inspiring place to find fashion but keep at it we can find it together!

naomi_g0300 said...

Thanks gorge!

naomi_g0300 said...

Anytime hunni! Ive been eyeing up those velvet skirts this evening! Purchases will be made soon!

Sabrina said...

uhmmm I am OBSESSED with those leggings, and the name is even cuter.

and I love the scarf and how you paired it!

get it girl.


thefaerieprincess said...

Shawna's leggings look amazing on you! Love the way you used the animal print with this outfit.

Sara said...

Ahhhhh--they look so amazing! I can't wait to own a pair! You look so fierce. I love your blog!

Mery said...

Beautiful pictures....

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