Sunday, 26 February 2012

OOTD One Dress, Two Styles - How I wore it.

Ello my lovelies!

I am back, illness free and this post has been a long time coming! I have literally only been back in clothes and pyjama free since about Wednesday of last week as I have spent pretty much the past fortnight laid up with shingles and flu, (thrilling!).

I am a little bit annoyed with myself as over this past weekend I have worn loads of different outfits which I have really wanted to show you but I am rubbish at getting pictures taken. I hate asking people to snap me as I get really embarassed, spesh if I'm asking my mom as she is so over critical of the way I look, I just can't relax in front of the camera when she is in control! Thus meaning that 90% of the time, you will have to just tolerate pics taken in front of a mirror with my Iphone, I'm no David Bailey, apologies!

However, I did promise Claire that I would take part in a little blog collaberation with her as we both threw our money at the same New Look Inspire dress again recently. Check out Claires cute look here! This is fast becoming a regular occurance. New Look Inspire is really churning out some great must have pieces for us plus sizers and although I am aware it is definitely not the favourite of many, it is a fave shopping haunt for moi!

We both primped for the Peach Daisy Lace Dress for a very reasonable £26.99 and wanted to see how we would both wear it.I ordered mine in a size 26 and it fits perfectly, I have said on many occassions I am definitely over and above a size 26, more a 28-30 but I can regularly get away with New Look Inspire pieces in certain fabrics and cuts, this is a cut that works well for me and whenever Inspire brings out these sorts of dresses I pick them up instantly as I know I'm rarely going to be disappointed!

Anyway, here is how I wore mine for a wander around town this afternoon....

Peach Daisy Lace Dress - £26.99 New Look Inspire
Denim Shirt - New Look Inspire (few seasons old)
Multi-coloured Scarf - H&M (few seasons old)
Owl Pocket Watch Pendant - £4.00 Primark
Diamante Bow Flats - Primark (a while ago)
Leggings - £8.00 Rogers & Rogers @ Matalan

A bit like how the Swallow Print Dress made its rounds around the plus size blogosphere I don't doubt that this one will pop up a few more times yet too! How will you wear yours ladies?!

Big love


Monkey said...

Oh wow! I love how you wore yours! So much better than the way I did it! Glad you're feeling better my lovely.

Mrs BeBe said...

You look so great!! Love how you styled it!! Glad you're feeling a bit better x x

Sarah said...

Such a pretty colour! I love that necklace too, looks much more expensive than Primark!

Petroleumdoll said...

Such a lovely dress on you, I saw it on the site but wasn't impressed but now am reconsidering based on how you look. I think we're similar sizes so I always get a good idea of how I'll look from your blog.

D.R. said...

I really like the color of this dress and your necklace is so cute and quirky

hanna78 said...

I LOVE how you have styled the dress with other pastel shades with a few black pieces. Very pretty indeed, now I want this dress even more!

Hanna xx

Eclectica said...

Very pretty on you, never fancied it on website but now reconsidering!

Sugar & Spice said...

You look lovely!
I do love that dress, have it myself :)
New Look is really great atm!

Just me, Leah said...

I was eyeing that dress up the other night and now I've seen how lovely it looks on you, it shall be mine! x

naomi_g0300 said...

Awwww thanks guys! Am really flattered by all your lovely comments! I'm always rubbish at outfit posts! Lol I'm the same, I usually don't buy something now until I see it on a blogger, size 12 'plus size' models do nothing for me! I'm glad we can all share these things!

Wendy Cakes said...

you look great! love the way the scarf pulls together the shirt and dress. Glad you are feeling better now.

Katrin said...

I love that outfit, pairing peachy colors with light denim always looks awesome I think! And you look really lovely in this combination!

MaMMaMoon said...

What a darling outfit!
You look so cute and...sparkly! ^^
Love the dress. <3

confusedbrit said...

Really, really love the way you've styled this dress....I'd imagined that it would be a really good basic piece to dress up, and you've done your usual brilliant job of showing us how its done!

That being said, I tried it on in my local branch, and it really didnt suit me....boohiss!