Diamonds and Daggers, Daxon and a VERY big disappointment!

Gizmo Dog wanted to get in on the action this week whilst I was writing!

Ello lovelies!

Well, it’s officially all over, Christmas done, and the new year is in full swing! Definitely my least favourite time of the year, although I have a few exciting things planned over the next few months which I’m keeping in good spirits for! One of them being Plus London 2! If your a blogger and you haven’t heard about it, go and check out the details, this year it has been arranged by Claire of A Monkey Fatshionista and promises to be another great little event for the Plus Size Community. Check out my posts about last years event!

In other news, I’ve had a couple of new bits and pieces which I wanted to post and share with you all! First of all is my gorgeous heart pendant from Diamonds and Daggers! I am a sucker for anything sparkly and this was well up my street….

Love Shines Pendant – £15 Diamonds and Daggers

The lovely Hayley hand makes these little treats and sends them out in fab sparkly packaging. When mine arrived yesterday I was thrilled with it and can guarantee it will be worn all the time! I’ve had lots of compliments on it already! She also does some other items, including amazing shoes, brooches, phone cases and customises items too! Go check her out, she’s currently offering free shipping!

I was recently approached by Daxon and asked if I would be interested in choosing an item from their range to review. I must admit, I am not particularly familiar with the brand and had only ever seen it before being sold through OneStopPlus.

I have to be honest on first glance of their website I wasn’t sure there would be anything for me, it does seem to be aimed at a more mature audience, lots of frilled maxi skirts and blouses, not really my cup of tea, but after a bit of a mooch I noticed the site is good for basics. I opted for a pair of denim look leggings, which lets be fair, you can’t really go wrong with, and they aren’t too bad at all! I ordered a 26-28 which are a great fit around my waist, tummy, hips and thighs but I unfortunately have found them to be a little bit baggy around my lower leg, which is an issue I find regularly with plus size leggings, I am big around my bum and tum but I have quite toned, slim legs in comparison to the rest, just another of those perils of being plus size, our shapes all vary so much that being catered for is difficult! A great example of this is shown by my gorgeous Lorna Face friend whom has recently started blogging and putting her thoughts out there from a pear-shaped plus sized girls perspective over at The Ginger Peardrop!

Denim look leggings – Courtesy of Daxon Plus Size Clothing

Anyway, I put them together with a slouchy Heart Tee from Very (onto that in a mo), and some sequinned flats from New Look.

Heart Tee – £18 Very
The State of my face and hair – Priceless! :/

So, onto that Very big disappointment! I decided to treat myself to a few new tee’s from Very just to put with jeans and leggings etc, one being this Heart Tee! Now, I know it probably doesn’t look too bad on the pics, but when it arrived I wasn’t happy at all. The finish of the item had threads left undone, the material was cheap and more annoyingly than anything else, the fit was well off! On the model on the pics the tee is made to look like it is super long, I love a long slouchy tee, so I was sold! When it arrived, it barely covered my crotch even though I sized up for extra slouchyness! This is what infuriates me when clothes are modelled on women whom are nowhere near the dimensions of who the items are marketed at!

Unfinished threads Heart Tee

I understand that my boobs are going to take away from the length a little, but I even had to put another top on underneath this just to give me some coverage, I’m not ready to be part of the VBO crowd yet (visible belly outline) and this item was ready to throw me into the gang at full speed! I do like the tee but I am disappointed and it is definitely not worth £18! The So Fabulous range looks great online, they are really trying to offer us great trend led pieces, but now I have ordered a few bits and pieces I have to say, I’m not thrilled with the price in relation to quality offered.

More exciting things to talk about soon, but for now lovelies I’m off to give Gizmo some cuddles and eat pizza!

Big Love


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  1. 1

    Tha necklace is gorgeous and what a great price. I will be having a mooch over at that website once I've finished commenting on here. Such a shame about the Very top. I saw it on the website and thought it was cute. It looks nice on you but the threading is completly off-putting and not what you expect when you pay for quality items. xXx

  2. 2
    Hayley Woodham

    So pleased that you love your necklace Naomi. It looks great on you! Big shame about the t-shirt as I love the huge heart print and it goes with your sparkly new purchase.

    Hayley x

  3. 3

    Totally agree with you regarding Very 'So Fabulous' range! I'm exactly the same size as you 26/28 and have encountered their shoddiness previously!
    The best Jeggings I have found for our size were remarkably from Tui in Sainsbury's – a size 22 fits me PERFECTLY!

  4. 5

    The necklace is so cute, suits you perfectly :)! Love it.

    How annoying about Very! That tee would have been perfect! I haven't ordered anything from there yet, and actually I'm not sure now if I even want to.


  5. 6
    Just me, Leah

    Clothes from Very are very hit and miss (sorry about the pun!) I ordered 2 dresses from them a couple of months ago. One was a beautiful thick jersey which I've worn loads and the other was so thin I might as well have been naked. I've bought from Very loads and there are always some gems and some horrors. Tsk.

    I LOVE that necklace. I'm off to stalk that page right now x

  6. 7

    I have to agree that Very is definitely not as nearly as good as I'd hope it would be….I'm thinking other than in the boob department, you and I are a similar shape as I've quite slight arms and legs for my size, so the dresses that I ordered from them didnt fit in some places and did in others, and the fabrics were so varied….you'd think that like most other retailers, they'd use a similar sort of fabric for a similar sort of style….

    But the necklace is fab, though!

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