Sunday, 25 December 2011

A Very Merry Kissmas...and an OOTD!

Merry Kissmas everyone!

Evenin' my lovelies!

Merry Xmas to you all! I hope you have all had a
n absolutely fabulous day!

I have had a really lovely time with the family, I've had pressies which I love and I am now all over-indulged, sleepy and ready to curl up with my Harry
Potter boxset! BLISS!

I just wanted to post to say a massive thank you to al
l of you who have continuously come back, read the blog, commented and supported my little corner of the t'interweb and my love of us plus size girlies!

I hope that in the new year I can continue to interact with you all, and bring you some more of my randomness, more outfits and more power and acceptance to the plus sized community!

With that, here is my little, simple Chrimbo outfit of the day and my new wrist candy! Thanks bro for buying me my fabulous much longed for Thomas Sabo br
acelet! *eeeep* (I realise I am a bit behind with the old Thomas Sabo, but I went for Pandora first!)

As usual I am clad in a bit of New Look Inspire (just for a change aye!). The lacy topped tunic is something I actually bought months ago an
d I must have forgotten about it until I did a little clear out recently and found it in the back of my wardrobe still with tags on! *whoops*. For Christmas day comfort, a simple pair of black leggings, my go to sparkly black cardigan and Primark flats made my day....

Right, night night all! Enjoy raiding the Boxing Day sales (if you're brave enough!)....



Lilybobombslovelylumps said...

Gorgeous outfit, and love your bracelet, I want the watch. xxx

Sazzlepop said...

Just caught up on your blogs love - like ive seen you when i havn't!!! Love the dress - I might fight the sales today with my long overdue new look voucher that has burnt a hole in my purse!


confusedbrit said...

really liking the classic simplicity of this look...its still totally you, but like you've gone all my fair lady...very gorgeous like!