OOTD Simple Sunday Stripes! New Look Inspire Skater Dress!

Evenin’ All!

I realise I have been a little on the quiet side. I have been busy doing Christmassy type things and catching up with special people!

Last weekend I headed down to the capital to do some festive partying with my favourite southerners! In the midst of shopping for party frocks in good ol’ Vivien of Holloway on Saturday afternoon, we discovered we all had Monday off, which was an excuse to do some Sunday night drinking!

I had only really taken enough to wear for Saturday evening and travelling home on Sunday night so I took a trip to Brent Cross with my Lorna face friend and picked up this little stripey skater number from New Look Inspire….

Biker Jacket – Evans
Shoes, Necklace, Earrings – Primark
Too many apple sourz shots – Priceless!!!!!

I love cute little skater cut dresses, and I was really pleased to see that the sweet salmon pink skinny belt which came with the dress actually fit! I have bought items from New Look Inspire in the past which have included belts which have never fit me, even though the actual garment is properly sized, so a welcomed surprise to find that this one actually did! As I was a bit thin on clothes I just kept it simple with some black leggings, my little pointy diamante Primark flats and some Primark bling! Simple Sunday Stripes!

I have to say I am quite the fan of New Look Inspire, and have been for a long time. I know, the range isn’t necessarily groundbreaking but it is one of the few places I can usually always find something I like. I would like to see the sizing of the range extended, lots of stretchy jersey fabrics make it possible for me to wear this range which caters up to a UK size 26, although I am blatantly larger than that, but I would love to see it cater to a UK 28-30 (heres hoping!). I would also love to see the range promoted more, I find that New Look as a brand pretty much ostracises it’s Inspire label and very rarely plugs it via its social media outlets or through its own in house advertising. The use of plus size bloggers would really push Inspire I feel. I know of recent, a few plus size bloggers have been contacted by the Inspire buying team to provide feedback on the range, heres hoping their opinions are utilised so we can see a positive change to the range so it lives on!

In the meantime, I still love you Inspire! šŸ™‚

Big Love!


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    I love this dress, it looks great with the jacket! I am a huge inspire fan, but unfortunately the Newlook I usually shop at no longer caters for plus size ladies and has got rid of their inspire section! (it's okay, I have another newlook, but my fave has stopped) I have no idea why! x

  2. 3
    Just me, Leah

    Well said! I know in my local New Look going to the Inspire Section feels like it's their dirty little secret. It's bunged upstairs in between maternity and the kids clothes. I think any time a store shoves you upstairs it's usually a sign they want your money but don't want to shout about it. That said, I love Inspire and love that dress! It looks great on you.

    How is the length at the back? I think I'm about your size and some dresses look good on me from the front, but my bum's hanging out of the back šŸ˜› x

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    Looking fab in that dress. I would usually avoid horizontal stripes, but this outfit proves that whole thing is a myth.

    Know just what you mean about New Look Inspire. I call it the 'Fat Corner' (to be whispered, obviously) because that's how New Look treats it, like Leah said, like a dirty little secret. And I really have had some lovely stuff from there.

    Jen x

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    Honestly, some of my favourite and moat worn items are from New Look Inspire, it's the place I can guarantee I will go to first to look for a cute dress or top, but they way New Look just seem to skim over the fact that it even exists bemuses me at times!

    Thanks for the compliments ladies! Am looking forward to wearing it tomorrow for a stroll around the Birmingham Xmas markets with the boy!

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    I've been eyeing this dress up for a bit now….I've lately decided that skater dresses suit me, and I'm always partial to a bit of stripes!

    I agree that the range needs to be extended size wise….by the sounds of it, you've the same problem as me of being just at the end of it….I'm a 26 on top, so the tops always fit me, but the trousers and skirts are always a bit hit and miss, depending on fabric and cut.

    But that all being said, its such a fab brand….it often has a bit of cross over with the main range, its reasonably priced and always has a little bit that is on-trend. I remember having to trek to Chesterfield where it was literally about two or three racks and coming back with the entire range (because in those days the whole range was about five outfits!)

    But anyhoot, you look lovely as always!

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