Awesome LBD alert!

Evenin’ lovelies!

Quickie update! This just turned up today…


So simple, but so many ways to dress this up! For any of you girlies like me who are on the very edge of being able to fit ASOS Curve, I have ordered this in a UK26 and it is super stretchy! Am thinking of ordering the pink one too!

Great little staple to the wardrobe! Will blog outfit pics soon as I wear it! 🙂

Big Love!


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    Well, the fact its lovely, and the fact its stretchy has now really made me want it! I'm right on the end of ASOS's scale, and as I've yet to buy anything from them, I reckon that its likely to be hit and miss, style wise. Not that it stops me lusting after their wares!

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    Just ordered this dress on you're recommendation, so you can also take the blame the 4 other items that ended up in my basket lol. Aw well it's christmas!!! Love your blog btw!

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