OOTD! Friday night drinks!

Evening Guys!

I’ve got a few lovely items to mention in this post! I recently received a gorgeous dress from the fabulous guys over at OneStopPlus Uk some really cute jewellery from Evans and an amazing pair of earrings for my birthday from my fabulous Lorna face friend! I went out for Friday night drinks with work colleagues over the weekend to all let our hair down after a very busy, stressful, few weeks in the office.

The fabulous warm weather put us all in a great mood and I was well and truly up for a night of partying in my gorgeous new Big Beauty for Taillissime drapey dress! Instead of opting for black, I primped for the Khaki as I loved the way it had been styled on Stephanie Zwicky in the promo pics for it! The lovely jersey drapey fabric was cool and comfortable, and for me, the dress is cut at a perfect length. Another major plus, it has pockets!!! I love pockets in dresses and skirts, I dunno why but I always end up a little bit excited when I get a dress with them! HA! The dress has a lovely cross over effect at the bust so its sexy without being too revealing if you like to keep things a little bit more modest! I also teamed the dress up with my H&M tanned platforms and my Primark clutch.

What do you think?……

Big Beauty @ Taillissime Drapey Dress – £39 OneStopPlus UK

Obligatory pub loo mirror pose……

When it came to accessories I was thrilled to be able to wear my new Teal bangle set from Evans, a really pretty charm bracelet by Candy Box also from Evans with lots of really pretty beads on it and an AMAZING pair of earrings made by a company called Zedhead Designs! The earrings were bought from a place called Shop Dutty, Stokes Croft, Bristol which I suggest you check out, Lorna has always got lots of awesome little treasures from there which I am always in awe at!

The Evans teal bangles are great quality, and great for anybody with wide wrists, plenty of room and they have loads of really cool colours in at the moment. I also really loved the charm bracelet, I love the fact that you can keep adding to it as you go along and changing it for new charms to suit you. The amazing earrings made my outfit as far as I am concerned! They are made from a gorgeous leather which I love, there is also another layer to them but I took off the largest leaf of the earring and opted for them to be a little bit smaller, but if you want some super statement earrings that not many people are gonna have, I’d look into getting your hands on a pair!

Leather Leaf Earrings – Shop Dutty/Zedhead Designs

Anyway, thats all from me for this evening, what have you all been wearing?!?! Gimme some inspiration!

Big Love!


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    You look stunning babe! Love the colour of the dress it really suits you, I have recently found your blog and love all of the clothes that you wear and you always look stunning even your make-up is immaculate. Your doing us plus size girls proud! xx

  2. 5

    ooohhh….I didnt think much to that dress when I saw it online, but you work it to death!! I too go giddy for a dress or skirt with pockets….dont know why!!

    Love the jewellery, and paid particular attention that the bracelets are good for wide wrists….I barely ever manage to get them over my wide hands, so I may have to go linger in an Evans and see if they fit. But the earring are to die for, very A/W!!

    Lastly, I love how that all pub toilets look the same! I was thinking 'Is that…?' and then realised that you werent in my home town, so it couldnt have been!!

  3. 6

    Awwwww thanks ladies! Love reading your comments, its nice to know that there are indeed people out there reading my nonsense!

    Haha it is funny about the pub toilets thing isn't it? I do that a lot, see pics of people on facebook and think, 'hang on isn't that….'

    The earrings are awesome, seriously keep an eye out for them, my friend whom bought them for me got them in a different colour of like greens, oranges and purples they are lush!

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