My Health, My Business!

Where do I start?

My, my, my those Daily Mail readers are an interesting bunch aren’t they? They’d have you believe that they are all absolute visions of health, obviously all non smoking, non drinking, people with absolutely no problems or vices with perfect BMI’s! How do you guys do it all and still have time to trawl through Daily Mail articles and heckle other real life, living human beings about how they look and live their lives?!

Where has this come from Naomi I will hear some of you say? Well, the good old Daily Fail decided to run an article on plus size women. It featured 5 women between a UK size 16-22, styled up, looking fabulous and talking about how they have accepted themselves as plus size women and are happy as they are. Click here to read the article. One of the women featured is a very close friend of mine, I have spoken about Lorna on here many times. She is a gorgeous girl with bags of positivity and confidence all packaged up in a perfectly plus sized body which she loves! She had mentioned to me a few months ago that she had taken part in the article, amongst the excitement there was the worry. Being plus sized women we are well aware of the bad rep we get, it is VERY rare to ever see anything written about being plus size or fat without it being full of the usual crap. Yeh, you know what I am talking about ladies.

Surprisingly I didn’t think the article was bad at all. I have seen much, much worse written about us plus sized girlies! But I made that age old mistake of reading the comments section and this is what brings me on to my point.

Time and time again, whenever there is an article written about fat or plus size or positive body image etc, etc it always brings out the trolls! I am always in absolute disbelief at how vile some of these self-righteous arseholes can be about other humans. So, I just wanted to clarify a few things about being fat that I think some of these cock-knockers miss:

1. Contrary to popular belief, I am fat and shock, shock horror, I work! I pay my taxes, I do my bit and I am more than entitled to the benefits of society that everybody else has. Being fat does not mean that I am sat at home, watching Jezza Kyle claiming benefits and cooking Iceland crap in my deep-fat fryer! It also doesn’t mean that I should be expected to sit in my house and never darken society with my presence. Many of you believe even plus size clothing stores should be closed down so that ladies like myself shouldn’t even be able to access clothing, I mean that is just ludacris? I honestly believe some of you would rather have a society full of junkies then anybody be larger than the ‘norm’. Since when did being fat become a crime? Where people should be shunned and outcast if they do not instantly want to hit the latest faddy diet? I despair!

2. I am not here to promote obesity as a lifestyle choice. I am here because as you can all see, I am a fat girl, I have been fat for as long as I can remember. I have dieted, I have yo-yo’ed, I have hated myself and you know what, right now I feel good about myself (No believe it or not I am not in denial!). I get so upset seeing women constantly feeling bad about themselves because they do not look how society would expect them too. I am here to hopefully inspire other women of all shapes and sizes that no matter what size you are, small, medium large, XXXXXLarge that feeling good is allowed no matter what and we should never let anybody dictate to us how we should feel about OUR bodies! We are allowed to have a voice and a platform and my god I am going to have one! I live a life as a fat person, however you all live your lives is up to you. Live and let live in my opinion!

3. My health, my business! I am sick to death of all of this ‘Oh you are fat so you MUST be unhealthy, you are most certainly going to keel over and die of heart disease any second now!’ Are you my doctor? Are you even a health proffessional? Just because fat is visably there for all to see, it does not mean that you have the right to judge anybodies health based on how they physically look! Lets be fair, you don’t give a shit about the health of these people, you just want to put your oar in and have a dig. Do you do it to every smoker you see on a street corner or every drinker you see in a pub? I am guessing not because you sit at home hiding behind your internet connections, and to be fair if you did you obviously have far too much time on your hands! Get a life! Look after your own health and I’ll look after mine!

I honestly just do not understand why people think it is acceptable to treat other people the way that they do. I actually pity you, why don’t you go out and exercise that grey matter in a much more productive way? Do you talk to the fat people in your life the way you viciously attack these ones through a computer? If so, you must be very unpopular. I think people forget that these people featured in these articles are real, they have real feelings and real lives and feel just like you do. How would you feel if one of those people was your mum, sister, aunty, grandma?

Anyway, I am ranting now and I need to step away! So, in an effort to break the bad atmosphere here are a few pics of my birthday night out wearing my fave Evans leopard print shirt!

Anyway, I’m off to Euston to get my train home and encroach on some fat haters seat space or something like that! Remember people, be good to each other, live and let live. We are all human and we are all entitled to life no matter what size we are! Never be scared to be who you are!




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  1. 1

    I couldn't be anything but in total agreement with what you've said. Let me tell you that you're a gorgeous beauty and truly a source of inspiration for many girls outhere (me included) who may not have the courage to express their needs or feelings as well as you do. Here you've got a "fan" from Spain πŸ™‚ Love!

  2. 2
    Plus Size Shopaholic

    I read the article on the Daily Fail website and was pleasantly surprised that (for once) they didn't write a condescending 'poor fat girl' article like they usually do.

    Then I got to the comments. OMFG, there are some sad sacks about, and almost all of them seem to dwell on the comments section of the DM. This is nothing new to me, as (despite myself) I read the damn thing online every day, but more of the weirdos have crawled out of the woodwork today.

    You know that ol' phrase 'Walk a mile in my shoes'? Well no one has the right to judge ANYONE else unless they've lived their life. These sad keyboard warriors need to spend more time in the real world and realise there are people of all shapes and sizes out there, and we're ALL valid human beings.

    Some of the 'people' (and I use that word in the loosest sense possible) commenting on the DM seem to have been born without a heart!

  3. 4
    Wendy Cakes

    I have that shirt too! You look fabulous in it -and very happy might I add!

    As for the daily fail comments, it just seems like size-ism the only kind of 'ism' where comments are not obsessively moderated. People are allowed to be openly offensive and vulgar. If the article was about any other 'sensitive ism' I'd reckon offensive comments would be deleted.

  4. 5

    i just found your blog via the article in the Daily Mail……

    and I LOVE YOU!!!!

    love your style, love your outlook, love that you are putting yourself out there as a beautiful example for all women to follow!

    you are truly lovely!!!!

    Cheers from Seattle!

  5. 6

    I read that article and discoverd your blog – I agree with everything you've written! You (and the other models) look fabulous and your style is inspiring. Not only do you look beautifull and elegant you also look the picture of health so while those couch potatoes with skinny fingers (from all that typing,y'know!) bleat on, You are out there enjoying your life and inspiring others to try new styles.
    You have made me take a long hard look at my wardrobe and inspired me to change what I wear. Thank you!

  6. 8

    I agree that for once the Daily Fail has done some good….I reckon tehy must have someone slightly larger on the writing staff or something!

    I read this post and just kept nodding sooo much. I'm a pretty liberal person, and I always have the viewpoint of everyone is allowed to make decisions that are right for them, and that unless you are the person in question, you'll never know how it is.

    I'm a fat person that is active, has a very physically demanding job actually and can do it better than my collegues some days. I like dressing well, I love going out and dancing, and I, after so many years of buying into all this 'fat is evil and wrong' crap, finally like whom I am, and even the size I am.

    But yeah, I still get mad on an almost daily basis of how prejudiced people are….especially with all the ridiculous misconceptions, ideas and cliches that are attributed to fat people….closing down fat stores? So stupid, although in actual fact, already happening sadly!

  7. 9
    Lorna Campbell

    YAY! So pleased to see something good come out of that article!! It's all about how you feel NOT about what the Dr or the scale OR even the evil public says. If you're being truly honest with yourself you know if you need to do more exercise, drink less, drink more water, get more fresh air etc… Never be afraid to LISTEN to your body and work out what it needs because everyone deserves the space and positive energy to look after themselves properly without the fear of humiliation or failure. It's a crying shame the DM didn't print what I actually said in the interview but I must admit, comments section aside, it wasn't as bad as I though it'd be.
    Keep your minds and your hearts open <3 Lorna Campbell

  8. 11

    i found out about your blog from the daily mail! and so for that i say THANKYOU. everyone knows the daily mail readers are nutters (myself included?) and so you should only read the comments if you aren't offended easily. i love your blog! it's amazing and i reaallly want that leopard print shirt, i'm so attracted to leopard print. after reading it for the first time i went charity shop shopping and got a new shirt and jacket- you're an inspiration to plus size women. big girls don't need to look frumpy and unfashionable.

  9. 13

    I totally agree with what everyone has said here. And Lorna? Is CRAZY gorgeous. Love her look.

    I don't know about the others commenting, but I'm in WAY better shape than my "skinny fat" friends. I walk marathons – they can't get up the stairs!

    What do the kids say nowadays? Haters gonna hate? haha. Let 'em hate, I'm going to have a doughnut.

  10. 17

    Very well said! You've said exactly what I've been feeling lately, only instead of strangers it's been my parents on my case constantly bugging me to lose weight. I wonder if we'll ever be able to stop having to explain our body choices to others.

  11. 18

    Well said!, its sad that people forget we are all the same at the end of the day. In the end , we are judged by God through our actions…… πŸ˜‰

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