Monday, 22 August 2011

Want, Want, Want! Gisela Ramirez!


Uber quick post! But after checking out the amazing pics of the recent
Gisela Ramirez's fashion show and launch posted over at Too Many Sequins (Seriously check out the pics, they are AMAZING!) I have absolutely fallen in love the the 'Fuck Flattering cropped Tee'.

Am totally loving watching the rise of Gisela Ramirez and her empowering designs for plus sizers. The designs, the styling and the serious amounts of attitude put out by this super fierce independent designer gets me so excited! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! WANT WANT WANT!!!!


confusedbrit said...

I want too! Such gorgeous, fashion forward looks....I now definitely heart her...

Anonymous said...

That's more like it :-))))
Would love your advice on bangles and bracelets, I have wide hands and only Evans seem to fit, also do you think that Burgundy and Mustard really are the colours for Autumn and should someone over a size 16 wear those quilted jackets that are popping up everywhere ????
Best Wishes Kathy.