Totally Lashed….

Evenin’ all!

It has been a very lazy Friday for me, great start to my long weekend off work! I went out last night to show some moral support for a friend whom was doing a DJ set in town, so now I am still suffering from a vodka fueled night. Nom’ing on chinese food, catching up on some serious bloggage and some of my favourite online clothing places, a good day in all.

I was looking through some of my photo’s earlier, and I realised that although I am a massive makeup whore I am yet to actually post about it here. I am a full on, all singing, all dancing Charbie (Chubby Barbie, so I have been appropriately named, Im ok with it). I absolutely love playing with eyeshadows and mascara’s and slicking on tremendous amounts of lipgloss, but my addiction at the moment is lashes, big thick, fluttery lashes! In my opinion my outfit is not complete without them. Forget au natrel, Im all about the fakery when it comes to my makeup look, I just cant help myself…

I am pretty routine when it comes to the type that I wear, at the moment I have a set which I purchased from New Look whom stock a small range of Stargazer Cosmetics. This set were only a fiver, they are long, dark and dramatic, just how I like em! Stargazer have some really great lashes, from the simple and stylish, to all out showstopping feathery, acid brights! They come with an adhesive, but I can’t comment on how that is as I tend to use an adhesive which was recommended to me by a makeup artist type friend. If you want a fantastic lash glue which makes you certain that those badboys aren’t shifting off your face for love nor money, go with Duo Adhesive, sold by Mac, it’s a tenner, lasts forever and my it don’t alf stick!

Anyway, here is a round-up of some of my fave lash looks, from standard glam, to totally ornate…

You gotta have a bit of Gaga for some out there lash glam….

And my fave, some serious statement artistry going on here….

Big Love….



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    I absolutely love false lashes, but I can't put them on! I wore them out once cos my beautician friend applied them for me. If I could do them, I would wear them every day.. I love a really full on make up! (Sometimes I have to ask myself if I look too tranny)

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