Vice Magazine Student Riot Photoshoot….

I absolutely had to post this. If I am totally honest I had never heard of Vice until a few days ago. Myself and Mr Naomi were having a discussion about the student riots and he was like “Have you seen that fashion shoot Vice did in the middle of the student protests?”. I was like “errrrrr hold up, number 1. Who and what is Vice Magazine? and 2. Show me these photo’s!” He promptly got out a crumpled newspaper from his bag and showed me the article.

My first thoughts were ‘OMG how brilliant is that!’ The shoot is so clever, cheeky, quirky, witty, edgy and ballsy that it really did capture me. I logged on to their website and had a nosey at the other pics and I have to say, as far as fashion shoots go, this has to be one of my all time faves! Brilliant, just brilliant!

Here are a couple of fave images from the set….

All images borrowed from Vice Magazine

To see the rest of the shoot, click here…

Vice Magazine Riot Girls

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