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Hi guys,

So how did you all spend New Years Eve? I had a pretty relaxed one this year, which was nice, for the last 3 or 4 years I have been opting for a good ol’ shindig at a friends house rather than hanging around town centres, paying ridiculous amounts of money into a club and arguing over taxi’s at 3am. A lot of my friends have young children too, so its also nice to be able for us all to get together, children included and ring in the New Year that way. We had loads and loads of drinks, with my friend Des being the designated cocktail barman and my friend Liane was dishing up her amazing chicken, rice and peas.

I had, the day before NYE done a little bit of mooching around the sales (yeh I know I said I was laying off them) and spotted in my local Evan’s store a pair of boots that I had tried on a few months previous for a £120 on sale for £70! I luckily found a pair of them in a size 6 and before I knew it they were bagged up and leaving the store with me! I have very wide calves and even Evan’s extra wide fitting boots tend not to fit my 19/20 inch pins, so finding a pair that not only fit my calves beautifully but also reached right up to my thigh were an absolute bonus! Here they are….

I teamed them up with a floral tea dress I found in New Look the same day, from their Inspire range (Not in the sale), a pair of black tights, a long beige vest top, a biker jacket and a brown waisted belt also from Evans and a Kathy Van Zeeland handbag which I picked up at Big Bum Jumble for a £1 in August, for my relaxed but pretty, NYE outfit…

Floral Tea Dress – New Look Inspire £26.99
Black Tights – Plus Size Tights £6.75 (pk of 2)
Over Knee Boots – Evans £70 (Out of stock online)
Biker Jacket – Evans Autumn 2010
Brown waisted belt – Evans 2009
Vest Top – H&M B&B £7.99
Handbag – Kathy Van Zeeland, Big Bum Jumble bargain find!

I felt really fab in those boots, the first time I wore them I was literally strutting down the street! Its so nice to find a pair of boots to fit plus size legs, spesh if you are on the higher end of plus size like myself, being a UK size 26/28. I was also thrilled to finally find something I liked in New look Inspire! Ive found over the past 6 months their Inspire collection has been really bad, I used to regularly hit New Look knowing that there was always going to be something that I would purchase, but mid 2010 I dont know what happened with them but it jus kinda all went wrong! Heres hoping for a great 2011 collection with them! Ill be keeping my eyes open, as Im sure you all will!


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    I LOVE this dress. Does it come up true to size for you? Or did you have to buyer bigger or smaller than your normal size? Also how tall are you? Just wondered where it sits on you. I have said I won't be buying anything this month but this is TOO nice to resist!

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    The boots look great!

    Can't believe that bargain buy at the Jumble, Jealous!

    Agree about New Look. I used to find a lot, but recently it's been a bit crappy. Quite a lot of plain, boring and shapless stuff.

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    Thanks guys!

    @Helen the dress has come up true to size if not slightly larger. New Look Inspire only tailors to a size 26 and this dress is a size 26, I always buy the largest size there as I am millions of different sizes all over the place. More often than not though in dresses I am a size 28 so this dress fit just right. I am only 5,4 and this dress sat nicely jus under my bust at the top of my waist, which was personally just right for me!


    Hey Missus, I seem to remember you finding some awesome bargains over at the jumble 😉 i couldnt believe my luck with that handbag though, it was in perfect condition too! It goes with everything, I take it everywhere with me! And yeah Ive found a lot of NL's stuff has been really cheapy looking tat! Hope it picks up!

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    This outfit is so lovely! I love the leather boots and jacket with the floral dress. And the boots are seriously awesome. I just ordered a pair of the extra wide calf boots from Evans – I hope they fit! I also have ridiculously wide calves 🙁

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