Monday, 13 December 2010

My little pink Christmas dress!

Evening guys,

So like I said Id be back to give you a photo update of how I managed to style up the little pink Evans Jacquard dress. I loved the dress from the moment I clapped eyes on it back on the press release pics months ago, but one of the main problems that I had was picturing it all dressed up. I love choosing items but when I do I always struggle for ages to picture how Im going to wear them, accessorise them etc etc. Anyway in the end I managed to put a little number together after a mad dash rush around Birmingham in a last minute panic after they who shall not be named *cough cough* Simply Be failed to actually deliver my dress after they had assured me on the phone, that day, that it would be with me that afternoon. Anyway, I suppose it worked out for the best that it didnt arrive as I ended up feeling really great in the outfit I put together...

White Cropped Cardigan - New Look Inspire Summer 2008

Pink Peeptoe Bow Shoes - Primark £6 (Wide Fit)

Pearly Headband - Primark £2.50

Pearly Necklace - Primark Spring 2010

Antique Style Elasticated Pearl Bracelet - H&M £2.99

I havent looked that girly since I was about 9 years old, but I have to admit I felt ultra pretty in the outfit. I am so in love with the dress and am now so pleased that I purchased it, I braved bare legs and I got over my boob issue with it in the end too. The shoes were great too, a perfect little mid-heel in a wide fit which were comfortable to dance the night away in, they were marked up at £10 but when I got them too the checkout they were only £6, a great little bargain I feel, I also dressed it up with a mid size mock croc skin metallic gold clutch bag also from Primark for £6. I have a work Xmas night out this coming Saturday too and Im very tempted to wear the same outfit again...Hmmmmmmm decisions, decisions! What do you think guys?!

Big Love <3


KLJ said...

I adore this dress. I was really tempted to get it in blue but i was unsure as to how it would look on - so seeing your post has persuaded me to go for it. I couldn't pull off the baby pink but it really suits you and you look fantastic! x

LaCara said...

You look amazing!!! I love how you styled this dress. You look like a million dollars! :D


Elizabeth a.k.a Liz said...

Wow! That is a VERY cute dress! You styled it perfectly. I love the necklace you used too! Very pretty! I had a hard time wearing dresses too, but I broke that this year! So glad I did! You look great!

The Merry Traveller said...

You looked beautiful but I told you that on livejournal. I was super pleased that I purchased it yesterday at a discount and then I saw it on you and my hopes lifted higher!

StephanieDJL said...

You look gorgeous, I love it! :D