Just a quick post this evening, I want this outfit so hard…

Dress – ASOS Curve £38

Shoes – ASOS £45

…and the shoes are just so awesome, but maybe a little to high for moi! Id still give them a try though!

I have unfortunately spent so much money this week though so purchases of said items will be on hold for the mean time! I have finally picked up a biker jacket from Evans, which I am waiting on delivery on and also a black tulip cut skirt and an embellished shoulder t-shirt from Yours Clothing which should be with me by Monday fingers crossed! So as soon as I get them I will post some pics and maybe a cheeky OOTD? Until then, I shall be dreaming of tottering about in those amazing peeptoes, clad in awesome dress, amazing clutch in one hand and an enormous cocktail in the other….*bliss*


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    Those shoes are just insane! If I could walk in heels like that I would do the dishes and grocery shop in them. Basically never take them off. Fab post dear!

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