Monday, 25 May 2015

Tell Your Own Fashion Story: Incognito Princess : Plus Size Outfit

Some days I dress in ways that make people in my area stop and think 'what on earth is she wearing?' and this outfit caused a few of those moments, not because it's particularly outrageous but it's not often in Wolverhampton you see a size 24 girl flouncing around in a frou-frou tulle skirt at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  

Do I care? Not particularly I have nice clothes and sometimes there just isn't the time or the place to wear them, so I create times and places. The time and place for this number? Sunday lunch at a local, pretty casual pub! Did I cause a few stares? Yes I did and I loved it! What's the point in blending in? When I'm feeling great I want the world to notice and feel great with me!

Statement Necklace (Old from George @ Asda)
Pink Heels (Vintage)

See sometimes, in my head my outfits tell a story and this one is my 'incognito princess'. She wants to go out and about in the real world but she would be far too noticeable in one of her gowns, so she slips a denim shirt on over the top of one of her pretty dresses and adds a cool bag to try and make herself blend in but still ends up standing out. You're probably thinking 'Naomi, what on earth are you going on about?' but seriously I have a terribly overactive imagination and I love putting outfits together that could have their own stories to them, stories that flout conventional rules about how plus size girls should dress.

For me getting dressed everyday isn't just about putting some clothes on it's about expression and showing the world how I feel. That's why rules on what a plus size girl should and shouldn't wear are so damaging. How will you ever be who you want to be if you follow rules about something as simple as fashion? Fashion is expressive and creative and uplifting and tells a story! Why would you want to take that away? 

The next time you feel you need to follow a 'fashion rule' forget it! Throw the rule book out of the window and tell your own fashion story, no matter what that may be!

So, who are you going to be today?

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Cherry Red's : Belly Bustin' Breakfast In Birmingham

Hey Loves!

Having a fabulous bank holiday weekend? I hope so! It's only Sunday evening and I'm already exhausted, luckily I have another day to relax.

What have I been up to so far? Well this weekend in the Midlands we have Birmingham Pride which is one of my all time favourite events of the year. The city is alight with rainbow flags aplenty and an amazingly upbeat atmosphere, I usually go along for the whole weekend worth of events and loads of partying but due to being a bit poor at the moment I opted for just going along to watch the parade and a bit of a boogie in the street. It was suffice for this year but next year I promise to be right back on it!

After loads of street dancing I'd built up a good ol' appetite so fancied a good bit of breakfast. I was racking my brains for where to go and then I remembered that I'd had Cherry Red's on John Bright Street recommended to me a few times by friends and was still yet to give it a try so we decided to take a wander over to see if they could fulfill our breakfast desperation (even though it was well after midday!). 

Result!! It turned out they do an All Day Breakfast menu and let me just say, it's an absolute belly buster! If you're looking for dainty, posh weekend nosh, this place ain't for you; however if you're after a good feeding after a night of partying or just something to keep you fueled for a weekend of fun times then I insist that you give this place a visit.

From a good old full English Brekkie, a number of vegan options to American pancake stacks dripping in goey, sickly sweet maple syrup there's something for everybody to kick off their weekend with a full tum.

I opted for the 'Big Red Bagel' stuffed with vegetarian sausages and halloumi with an order of 'American Style Pancakes' topped with whipped cream, strawberries and banana to finish me off for afters whilst my friend ordered an absolutely gut smashing English breakfast with a round of pancakes thrown in the middle (it doesn't seem to be on the online menu but it's definitely on their menu at the cafe). 

Believe it or not, my eyes were indeed bigger than my belly and I had to surrender towards the end of my pancake stack.

After a 10 minute chill out to let our food go down we built up the motivation to waddle off, suitably stuffed and of course fully prepped to spend the rest of the day in a food coma! 

If you're popping along to Birmingham and you're in the mood for a good breakfast or a lovely lunch I urge you to check out Cherry Red's! You won't be disappointed.
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