Sunday, 20 July 2014

Parental Advisory Explicit Content: Outfit

From geekin' it up in my last post < here > to 90's throw back, it was only a few days ago that I promised this outfit was gonna happen.

Mixtape-esque 90's tee? Check! Nike Air Max's? Check! Me forgetting that I am actually very (VERY) nearly 30 years old? CHECK!

This tee is another from the ASOS Curve range which is now available up to a UK size 30 (I'm wearing the 30). Again I've slashed the neck off because I hate crew/round neck things and love a bit of shoulder. So pleased they have items in this size range now because this tee has got me so much attention since I've been wearing it. I'm currently lovin' my very tom boyish wardrobe atm and my brand new Nike Air Max 1 Essential's just finish it all off fabulously, I feel like my 15 year old self again! 

The trainers are a bargain at the moment. They're currently reduced from £95 to £57 and there are loads of sizes left, if you're considering treating yourself to a pair do it now whilst ASOS has an awesome sale on Nikes at the moment! They are like walking on air! I love them! I still love my Converse but sometimes I feel like I'm walking on concrete in them, especially when I'm out and about in them for a long time, so these Air Max's are a real treat!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Geek In Me: Outfit

It's another outfit post in the space of a few days but I've got a few hours off work this afternoon and I really wanted to post what I've been wearing today.

This is no uber style outfit (when are they ever with me, really?) but this completely demonstrates how much of a geek I am. You've all heard of Breaking Bad, right? If you haven't you're dead to me, joking (but serious). When ASOS Curve finally bought the 'Heisenberg' tee to the collection I had to have one. I went to pick one up in a UK size 28, however by the time I'd got their they had sold out, I was gutted! However ASOS Curve has recently slowly started adding items up to a UK Size 30 to it's range, ALL THE EXCITEMENT!!!! 

It's been a slow and steady start, mainly leggings, basic jersey dresses and lots of black, but it's happening! I've been watching the size 30 category slowly increase in it's selection, they're now up to about 20 items and when this tee showed up in a 30 that was it, I was on it like a tramp on chips!

Studded Converse - Converse via ASOS (Old)

It's really roomy, I'd probably like it an inch or two longer to properly cover VBO, but apart from that it's awesome. I have a terrible affliction to round necked tee's so as usual I did have to chop the neck off to make it a bit off the shoulder, just how I like it. 

Have you checked out the size 30 items over at ASOS Curve? If not and you are in that size category, go and pop along and support it, the more of us that want it, the more items I'm sure they will give us. I also have the 'Explicit Content' tee which is so brilliantly 90's that I've decided I must have a pair of Nike Air Max's to go with it! 

What do you think of my uber geek outfit?