Friday, 7 August 2015

Adding a Touch of Balsamik: Plus Size Outfit

It's so nice to get to grips with brands you've never tried or experienced before and have another destination to shop online, so when online retailer Balsamik recently contacted me and asked if I'd like to try out a few of their items I was interested to see what they had to offer. 

As I scrolled through their website I found lots of chic, easy to wear pieces. Classic combinations and cuts, easy to wear prints and items perfect for layering. Balsamik boasts a great online selection of outfit building staple items that any wardrobe would be happy to have within it.

One of the first items that really pulled me in was a piece that I've already featured on here a number of times. The faux leather blouson jacket has been worn constantly since I received it as the fit is so perfect! As soon as my package arrived I pulled it out and flounced straight out the door, I just couldn't wait to wear it (see me wearing it in other outfit posts here and here).

The other items I picked from Balsamik are all really easy to wear, versatile pieces. I've been after a khaki shirt dress for ages and this one has some really lovely detailing to it, small little touches like gold beading around the seams and POCKETS!!!! I do love a pockets on dress, I'm so easily pleased...

Tan Cut Out Boots - Old (Primark)

I'm wearing a size '54' in the jacket and the dress which is the equivalent to a UK size 26. If you order from Balsamik please check the sizing. I always make sure I check the size charts with brands I'm not familiar with as unfortunately clothing sizes aren't consistent across the board and I suppose it saves being disappointed when something turns up and it's a completely different size to what you were expecting. My tip for this is check the size chart against the size chart of a brand that you do wear often and know your size with to see how the measurements stack up against each other so you can determine what is the best size for you to order, that's how I usually navigate through the sizing of different brands. 

I must admit I'm really impressed with the quality versus price point with Balsamik, I said this in my last post that featured this jacket but it's currently retailing for a bargain £28!!!! That is such a steal for a well made piece that you're going to wear for ages. The price range overall at Balsamik is pretty good and delivery to the UK is only £3.95 so it's hardly going to break the bank.

When I'm on the hunt for Autumn/Winter wardrobe pieces I shall definitely be shopping with these guys I imagine they're going to have some great layering pieces for the cooler months.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Vive Le France: GlossyBox Review

So I haven't received a GlossyBox for ages and then a few days ago one landed on my doorstep, much to my pleasant surprise!

I peeled open the box to reveal the July 2015 'Vive La France' box and was immediately impressed by the beautiful illustrations by Jamie Lee Reardin (if you don't know Jamie Lee Reardin's work think Dior, Balmain and other seriously big high end brands, her work is pretty iconic). 

The Vive La France box is all about French Skincare and includes all the ingredients to achieve beautifully curated skin, a la Francaise!

Some of the brands included in the box I had heard of like 'Vichy' (I used to regularly use their 'Dermablend' makeup which I discovered in a GlossyBox a couple of years ago) others however I was completely unfamiliar with like 'Teoxane' but I suppose that's the beauty of these subscription boxes, they bring you the opportunity to give unfamiliar and new brands a try without forking out a fortune for a product which may not be suitable for you. 

So far out of the box I have started giving the 'Teoxane Cosmeceuticals' Perfect Skin Refiner a try as it's the product that interested me the most. I am very conscious of my uneven complexion around my jawline area, so anything that claims to be able to sort that out, count me in! 

I've also given the 'Lollipops' Lip Balm a quick try and as far as first impressions go, I can't say I'm a big fan. I found it more greasy than hydrating and felt like it just to slid off my lips within seconds of putting it on. Nice to give this product a try but I think it will be one to go on my cast offs pile.

I have to say though, out of everything included in this months box I LOVE the GlossyBox Travel Pouch. Embellished with more of Jamie Lee Reardins scribblings of 'Mademoiselle Glossy' it's a great addition to your holiday suitcase for taking away all of your beauty essentials. A lovely little inclusion into the July 2015 edition of the box.

Are you loving or loathing July's Vive La France GlossyBox? Lemme know...